You fixed Rank and then unfixed it? I don't get it

In Gears 4 i was Onyx. Mostly Onyx 2. Sometimes 3 or 1 depending on seasons/modes.

At first in Gears 5 i was stuck in Silver until you fixed it, then i made it to Onyx 2, wich is fine, its my usual rank.

But since Operation 2 started, im stuck in BRONZE !!

Freaking Bronze !!

And the worst is for instance, just placed in 2vs2 Gnasher. Lost 2, won 3, got placed Bronze 1 wich is think is the absolute lowest rank right? But next match, we won 7-4 , exept every round we lost, we lost double the pts of the rounds we won. For instance winning a round gave us 80 pts, loosing one removed 140

How am i supose to keep ranking up this way?

And right now, even in the Scrub bronze tier, i still face pretty decent players… I don’t get it.

So whats up with the ranks? Its not motivating to play Gears when you can’t rank… :confused:

And when you are used to a certain tier (Onyx in my case) , its really discouraging to get stuck in Bronze. Even if i make it silver, i won’t be satisfied…

You guys need to fix this…

Before the rank “fix”, which for me has been working (or appears to be) fine, my friends and I would always say Bronze is the new Diamond/Masters.


Operation 2 Bronze is the new Operation 1 Silver.


Thats pretty ridiculous i think. Im by no mean “diamond good”, i know that. But im no Bronze either. Hell im no silver too. I could maybe accept a Gold 3 (and still i would feel annoyed by it)

They didnt fix the ranked system.its broke and pretty much everyone is bronze for some reason


Barely made it to Silver 2 over here.

And I was Onyx (3) in Gears 4…
Ranking system is a total joke… Sometimes, I don’t even rank up when I get like 50+ kills or so. My percentage stays the same. And even when I do, I barely go up in Bronze/Silver division… -_-’

Went from 1% Silver 2 to 18% Silver 2 for winning yet again… 3rd highest score in the match positive kd, not the best score I’ll admit but I needed 12 pts to rank up but for some reason the game just won’t give me Silver 3, it’s like it’s unable to.

Also this one from earlier was also hilarious (lost the match because of awful teammates and quitters but was MVP by a lot and the kd as well:

Answer: ■■■■ knows

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Lel at the huge discrepancy between points for lost rounds Vs won rounds.

2 won rounds didn’t even cancel out one lost round (first screenshot). The huge bias towards losing points is ridiculous.

TC need to get their brains working.

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Been happening for awhile. It’s also a big reason why I just can’t pay attention to rank and just play the game for what it is, fun.


At the end of Operation 1, i managed to get to Onyx multiple times. First time i dunno what was happening but i could get the worst player there is against me and just kept getting pts and upping. But then afterward, i played again maybe a week later and lost pts like crazy even on wins where i should not had loose any (all rounds win, positive KD etc) like the game was trying to “fix its mistake” or i dunno.

Then they changed ranks, and i wa s able to go Onyx 2.

Then the reset happened couple weeks before the end of the operation

Managed to go again to Onyx before the end of Operation 1

Operation 2 start, i do my 5 placement games, and im put into the worst Bronze tier. Like i said im a decent player, im not one of those crazy beast than wallbounce like crazy but im what you would consider a good player, current rank KD is at 1.28, wich is not “crazy” but certainly not Bronze worthy. I know a guy who was ranked silver in GOW4 and he was a very weak player. Always going negative etc.

And as illustrated above by TotalMadMike (and what i said) , when you loose rounds you seem to loose double the points than when you win them on the positive gain.

And my “favorite”, if somebody quit on the other team, the game basically stop giving you anything, and better not loose a round for whatever reason (or die too much) cause you start loosing pts CRAZY.

I don’t get why the ranking system is so broken, it wasn’t that bad in 4 even if we did have our complaints.

I play Dead or Alive, and altough you loose more pts if you loose a match against a lower ranked opponent than you (and gain more if you beat a better rank) , its overall “fair” in its pts allowance. Plus the game from what i know do not penalize you for ROUNDS lost. Ultimately what count is the W and it should be the same in Gears. A round is just a round, ultimately it does not matter if you win 5-4 or 5-0, the win is what matter. Every win should reward in the positive. I never lost pts in DOA even if i beat a lower rank player 3 rounds to 2.

Like ok im fine with Gears allowing pts for more than just a W. But it should award BONUS pts for performance, like a good KD, an MVP, total number of pts in game etc. Ultimately if you had a great game but lost the match, what you won for individual performance could negate a part of the loss negative pts. And uiltimately if you win but got carried, you would win less pts.

Anyway i could go on but you get the picture. As of now this ranking system just do not work. Its WAAYYY too hard to rank up. I feel i wouild have to never loose a game, never loose a round to eventually make it back to silver scrub rank… And yet, sometimes you win every round, but you may still loose pts because you died too much or you end up gaining like 12 pts at the end of the match.

I get that once in Onyx, it should be a bit harder to rank up, and if you loose against silver ok get penalized, but in the bronze tier im sorry but basically nothing exept the worst performance ever should make you loose pts. Like getting destroyed without winning a round, going 2 kills 10 deaths, stuff like that…


Im a competitive person. Yes i do enjoy the game for the fun of playing the game, but stats and ranks is a big part of what i enjoy in online gaming. Im already having to deal with a pretty bad war journal in Gears 5 where i can’t see my full stats (kill count, total number of games/lost, number of times i was MVP) but on top of that the rank is broken so i can’t rank up and im condemned to look like a “scrub” with a bronze rank? Nah not cool.

I just want to make it clear. Gears 5 blow away GOW4 on almost every departement for me exept Horde, i prefered it in 4. But campaign, VS gameplay etc , much better in 5. But 4 had the full stats like EVERY GEARS before. So not sure what they had in mind when making those stats cards missing so much infos. I can see my total number of wins, cool, but i want to see my losses too, the total number of games i played.

I want to see my KILL COUNT the most. Got the K/D in TDM, but not even in KOTH, but no mode whatsoever gives the total kill count. I took pride and fun in saying i had 50 000+ ranked kills in GOW1, 55 000 in GOW2 etc etc

To me my kill count upping on Gears is a huge chunk of the fun.

Just went 11-11 and got this… what the ■■■■ is this system? Do I just need to play badly or something?

My New Years resolution is to stop playing this crap

Actually I think the gameplay is the best in the series, I really do, just the systems surrounding everything absolutely suck. So I’ll just try again not to care about winning or losing, or score; it’s just difficult since I like to win. Oh well.

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TC is incompetent, that is the easiest way to put it. I stopped playing ranked like ranked. My stats suck now but I really dont care this whole game is a mess and frankly needs to be deleted. Its embarrassing microsoft and they are just making it worse by deleting reviews. Real bad look for Microsoft, they need to take a real hard look at what TC is actually doing to thier brand and make adjustments as necessary to rectify.


When they fix it, IF they fix it, there is only going to be a few thousand people left, then when Gears 6 comes out, I’m sure we will get the whole “oh it’s a brand new game, we don’t have data, we need a few months to get real data” same spiel we got from 4 > 5.

Just gonna take it for what it is now, the gameplay is good. I’ll never get past Silver, gotta deal with it.

Oh and I’m a little annoyed I grinded Jermad for 10+ hours and the dude never shuts his mouth lol


This is the biggest problem with the ranking system. You shouldn’t be able to lose more points in a round than you can possibly gain.

Whoever came up with this moronic, brain dead decision needs firing.

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I must try this. I’m usually always punished for trying. Guess you get more points for playing casually :rofl:.

Lol yep! I was playing a KOTH this morning. We had a teammate quit in the first round and it was 4v5. At this point, I’m just trying to get kills and not die. I do that. I end up with the 2nd highest point total in the game. I died maybe 5 times the entire game. 48 point gain at the end of the match. Don’t get me wrong, I still capped hills and broke them, but I wasn’t going to take risks since we had no chance of winning. If I had tried to win, I would have lost points. Dumb ranking system.

I dont understand the ranking system, but I am having fun playing the game. I think the biggest issue right now is the placement. I think i read somewhere that everyone places in Bronze I. And i think that is a major issue to start the season. Part of that is probably because in Gears 4 the game kept your historical data as part of the calculation going into a new season, and I believe in Gears 5 it starts you fresh every season. There are pros and cons to that. I think ranking should get easier as the season goes on and more people find ways to move up and into their normal ranks.

For me ranked was NEVER fixed!
Always stuck in silver no matter what I do.
I do not care anymore but I really start to think that
CORE ASPECTS of the game are coded in such a “horrible”/lazy way that simple “fixes” won’t help in the end. :neutral_face:

What rank were you in Gears 4 and whats your highest rank in Gears 5?

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I won 10 matches in a row 2vs2. Most of those matches i lost around 200-300 points.
I lost 1 match and gained 700 points.
I dont care if i stick in bronze because most enemies are good players also. But sometimes you play against total newcommers and that sucks