You don't think TC would try this do you?Hint RE3RM

Since TC like to add in non gears characters and slap a big old 19.99 price on them.
Would they have the cohonas to try this…With Resident Evil 3 Remake comning 04/03/2020…
Offer a Jill Valintine vs Nemisis character skins with a full weapons set with STARS TEAM logos and bloody red colors…plus skill cards if they make it into horde and escape,maybe UMBRELLA themed weapon skins could be a extra.because never let it be said TC doesn’t know how to make you want to buy something.

Before you think it can’t happen don’t forget the termenator packs and the god awlful RTJ pack from gow4.


Tbh I’d actually buy those lmao

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It’s not even a question of if TC would do it, it should be would Capcom do it lol. The Resident Evil franchise is at an all time high right now, I don’t think they need the tiny bit of help being associated with Gears might bring.

I wouldn’t mind being proven wrong though, could be pretty dope.

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Well TC and Capcom both like money so anythings possible.

Well we had Marcus and Dom appear in Lost Planet 1 backnin the day

Let’s go!


It was Lost Planet 2 :wink:


Yeah well 1 was def better than 2



Agreed :slight_smile:


Paramount and Microsoft negotiated the deal for the Terminator/Gears crossover. The rest of the stuff (like the Forza banners and Halo skins) is also Microsoft just jamming their IPs.

If I were to bet, Microsoft prefers buying Capcom first.

I never understood why Kat and Emile were put in Gears 5, i mean why them, why not some box standard Spartan IV, or even an ODST Squad. I mean, honestly, i would rather see a squad of ODST’s in Gears than Kat and Emile, of course they could only be Offensive/Tank characters with their Stamina shield thinggy (always puzzled me the Stamina over Shield).
It would make an interesting side (DLC) story, on mission in the Halo universe, go in to slipspace have a malfunction in their slipspace drive and end up crashing in to Cera, and hey presto, ODST’s in Gears.
Or something simular, maybe a hotdrop and a Covvie ship slipspace jumps and the pods end up landing on Cera. The possiblities are numerous. There could, for the fun of it, a fight on a ship, squad vs squad, and they end up on Cera, no excuse then why there is no Covvies on Cera. of course, how the hell you are going to make that happen is a mystery, you need a catalyst.
Just an idea, just a thought, and yeah, i would prefer ODST over a Spartan IV, and definately over Kat and Emile.

I would totally buy this and never use any other skins again. I mean, just look at my gamer pic… no brainer for me! :grin:

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I think that hits the mark. TC will put in anyone so long as the other company approves of it. Hell if Ragdoll Productions agreed to it, we would have the teletubbies in here. Using the lancer to chainsaw people or the gnasher to blow someone to bits.

You take that back, fuccboi.

I’d prefer this to the halo or terminator garbage they gave us.

hi @SHINO_BAZ first of all its a privilege to greet you , I’ve heard you are a legend on gears of war.

regarding the characters , well I won’t buy any of those or even use them if they were for free, since they are not Gears of War characters.

I rather buy myself a new House of Staunton chess set, than to buy those characeters of RE3RM.

A Resident Evil or Left 4 Dead crossover is something I’d never get tired of seeing.

Though I wouldn’t buy it for $20.