you do not find me heading nothing at all

hello I’m from Chile and I want someone to see this nobody finds us fix the servers of gears of war 4 or choose the server because they do not find us fix the servers of nrazil or let you can play on another server because it happened more than one hour looking for departure and can not find anything

I’m from Chile and I know what you mean, the South American Server AKA Brazil Server while dead for solo players seems to be working moderately ok for group searches. Chances of finding a match by yourself are slim at best, but add a player or two to the group and your chances rise notoriously.

Add me if you want, I’m always in the mood for some versus.

Doesnt it pair you to different server? I came across few south americans (i asked players what region their from out of curiousity based on ping) on EU servers. Suprised the game didnt put them in US servers to be honest.

If you’re searching “solo” then no, the counter keeps going and never finds a match. If you search in a group you have better chances (usually 10 min or less for a 3-4 group on “rush hour”).

Different Server? I get US East 99.99% of the time when playing Horde and if I’m searching for a match after 4am I’ll most likely end on EU servers (with a stable ping if doesn’t matter that much while playing horde).

There are people playing, it’s just that the server doesn’t see them unless they are in a group. Some tweaking to solo searches netcode would be welcomed for Gears 5.

They really need to improve google translate. I do feel bad for you guys that have trouble finding matches. I would throw a fit if i couldn’t play gears.