You deserve a swift kick in the nuts if…

I needed to make a thread to release the anger and frustration from people playing horde/escape

Please feel free to contribute

Without further adieu in not particular order
You deserve a swift kick the nuts if …

  1. you quit before the fabricator is even touched

  2. you quit when you don’t like where someone puts the fabricator

  3. you make level 3 barriers

  4. when you quit because you die

  5. when you choose brawler class , run across the map or by yourself and get downed

  6. you quit because you don’t get your way in a public match

  7. you spend all your money buying weapons at the fabricator

  8. you pick a class and don’t use it ( example marksmen class and uses boomshots and lancers)

  9. you don’t revive an ally right next to you and get yourself downed by trying to be a hero

  10. you play selfishly and not as a team player !

Keep adding lol


Oh PVE. Yawn


Just let people play how they want if its their lobby.

I do agree with anything that has to do with quitting though., 5, 8, 9 and 10 lol


Glad to see pvp is perfect!

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  1. You quit because I didn’t join your Xbox Party

  2. You spammed Laugh emote and quit


Pvp has zero problems at all :sunglasses:

Pve however :sleeping: dev’s are sleeping on the job

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you quit before the fabricator is even touched
Then stop starting the damn match as soon as I join as the 5th player thinking I’m ready.

you quit when you don’t like where someone puts the fabricator
Stop picking up the fab and not letting taps load in first.

you quit because you don’t get your way in a public match
If someone builds a Sentry before a Locker I’m gone

you play selfishly and not as a team player !
Fool. I will be as selfish as I desire.




PVP is perfect with 0 problems

Anyone who disagrees…


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:flushed: too bad I can’t fix my marriage that way :pensive:

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I dunno, number 8 makes my soul leave my body sometimes.

They have their uses, like stopping things manteling certain cover.

Cant change facts :smirk:

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All these blademasters using the claw exclusively and nothing else and hide in the base the whole game? Yeah I agree with you on that one lol

No unfortunately not

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A Marksman stole a Breaker Mace a Warden dropped yesterday, whilst I was Strikering.


I assume this is a joke

I would add an exception, in that I think they’re ok if you put them in places to stop enemies from jumping over obnoxious covers or ledges or what have you. Otherwise, I would just keep them as a last resort far back in the base and think it’s stupid if someone uses them as a frontline barrier.

Now what I find annoying in Horde or Escape :

People who ignore taps or decide to build the base where there’s only one or no taps while there’s one in a location that can be covered more easily from afar and two other taps are completely exposed and not covered at all. Like, they’re useful so why do you ignore them to leave the fabricator where it spawned or go to “your spot” with it?

Flipping bridge or helipad leavers even though you’re not in any rush whatsoever to do so and haven’t set yourself up for the final spawn, particularly if you’re going down the left path of The Mines where there is two separate spawns at the end, one when you go in the part of the tile between the hive and helipad and another when you close the doors.

Rushing for a revive instead of letting the exposed player crawl to a safe spot(if they aren’t already) and you have the option to. Especially if there’s a Boomshot, Salvo or Dropshot looking your way.

People refusing to use their ult when someone is down and no one else is in a position to go for the revive. “But I wanted to use it on the Swarmak!” Yeah, it’s on the other side of the friggin map or room and the other guy has died and we wiped because of it.

Not leaving a down to recapture taps, at least if you go out of your way to kill it on purpose repeatedly. I get getting carried away in the killing mantra as it has occurred to me several times as well, but when you do it constantly and keep spamming a hurry up emote, you’re just being annoying and taking useful things away from the team because you couldn’t wait 15 seconds or however long it takes to capture a tap.

I’m sure I could come up with more, but that’s all I can think of for now.


True but they shouldn’t be built in the beginning, not until everything else is fortified.

The amount of times this has happened to me is unbelievable. A lot of the time I forget to change my cards I was experimenting with on an easier difficulty or after playing a daily with specific mutators, then end up being completely useless when I decide to join a Master lobby that starts instantly. Sometimes I realise we have or don’t have specific classes and don’t get time to change either and we end up with 3 engineers or 2 jacks…

Other things that annoy me in PvE:

  • Players that are somehow so blind and tunnel visioned that they can’t see me bleeding all over their feet and don’t revive. They eventually go DBNO and we wipe because nobody else can save us
  • People who don’t check to see if taps are down or fortifications need repairing and rush to kill the last enemy
  • Engineers who spam sentries
  • Nobody buys a repair tool because they think Jack will do all the work
  • “Meta” fab placements
  • Lizzie/Cassan’s laugh emote

I’m sorry to be a pedant but…

Adieu is French for goodbye. I believe you mean ado.

There are many very annoying things in PVE horde but one particular one seems to be gaining in popularity and it’s becoming very annoying.

Players who ‘wave advance’ for no reason at all. There are so many reasons for not wave advancing so why do people do it?

For those of you that do that, I sentence you to 100 games of Master Horde 1-50 as an Engineer.

See how you like it!

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