You can't stop the Cole Train... from glitching out of bounds

Yeah, I tried playing an actual Masters Frenzy solo game and it was harder than I thought, lol, though a good portion of that is just because I’m bad. I did at least subsequently learn there’s a spot you can walk out of the Reclaimed river in case you accidentally step down into it.

Don’t think I know that one?

Sorry, I was unable to find anything on Ritual. Unless you count the brief corrupted look at the map as you’re falling through the floor to your death. There were surprisingly few OOB locations across all the maps.

I guess if you’re just looking for unseen views even if they aren’t usable, there are a bunch I didn’t post (for a few maps other than Ritual). For example, I subsequently found a way using what I learned to get into Blood Drive’s ‘Hospital’ through the side door, but it’s tiny and not really viable. (You can’t hand out illegal prescriptions, either.) Other than for maybe a truly evil Where’s Wallin location quiz :open_mouth: I wasn’t going to bother posting.

For you Escape players, I’m not going to do this investigation exhaustively for that mode, but with some quick checks I’ve noted a couple things:

  • If a tile has a glitchable gap, it’s apparently the exact same whether it’s in a Horde map or an Escape hive whenever I checked.
  • You can get off the landing pad and drop down to its surrounding pipes. You won’t be able to get back up, but if the doors are closed and all the enemies are dead, you’ll successfully leave on the helicopter like normal. So maybe of some use for particularly rough final fights?
  • Unsurprisingly, you can glitch through The Trap’s closed doors.
  • I didn’t confirm but similarly bet you could pick your favorite The Blight paths if you wanted. However a 1 Act hive when you don’t start with your ultimate charged makes it impractical.
  • If you do get into any walls without falling through the map, you’ll be safe from the Venom (at least until the LZ door auto-closes).
  • The Med Bay is bizarre in that you don’t need to even glitch through the door, you can simply get on the turret and that’s close enough to trigger the door to open from the inside!

Interesting, I hadn’t spotted that in my checks. I’m already highly suspicious there’s an Easter egg on Allfathers Arena for many other reasons, so, hmm…

Someone made a thread about it a while ago, but the gist of it is:
There are two ways to do it.

1 is the harder (but better in many ways) method and it involves hijacking something right as it gets Retro Charged/Chainsawed. But make sure it is the last enemy for that wave, or if it isn’t kill everything else fast. If done right, your COG Tags will appear and an AI Jack will show up alongside us.

  1. is easier, but less convenient. You need a Pilot (any level is fine) and Jack must hijack the last enemy (must be a Drone of some sort, Shepherd/Deadeye, DR-1, Sire or Reject) and get into the Silverback with the unit. Then, the Jack must leave during the results screen. If that player comes back as Jack, the AI will disappear.

If you do it to an enemy that isn’t the last, I noticed one of two things will happen: An enemy Jack will spawn and he just sits there. You can kill him and he has 1000HP. Another is that you get a friendly one, but he acts real glitchy (if he fetches something, he will bug out and then you can kill him)

I forget who made the thread originally but it is how I learned how to do it. Apparently, there is a way to make a hostile Jack that zaps you but I don’t know how to do that one sadly as it could be fun.

I could see this being useful on The Split to get the Gnasher without having to die.

Oh yeah, now I remember that AI Jack thread. I never got around to trying it myself.

Also an interesting tidbit I’ve learned regarding the white boxes underneath Allfathers Arena that you showed earlier. The lower, larger box only appears when the ‘Hallway’ is in the ‘Labor’ (Steer/Bull) configuration. Curiouser and curiouser.

On a completely separate note, I finally was able to work out a new “turret explosion hop” technique that had happened (or almost happened) accidentally a handful of times while going through the maps earlier. It opens up a number of low walls/boxes/ledges that weren’t glitch-reachable before.

For this additional method, you set the turret down facing away from the desired platform and get on it as if you were going to do the previous technique. But instead of exiting the turret, rotate it about 45 degrees (so it’s neither facing perpendicular from the platform like the exit glitch nor all the way to a side… though in terms of guesstimating, angling slightly more toward the side might work better). Then wait for your ultimate to expire. When the turret explodes, you’ll hop backward in the direction of the turret’s original “forward 0 angle” when you’d set it down, but also apparently with a bit of up momentum, too. This can be enough for you to land on slightly raised ledges.

As good rules of thumb, if Jack isn’t blocked from flying over that wall/area, and if walking all the way up to it you can see that it’s low enough such that your gun hand doesn’t clip into the geometry, there’s a good chance you can jump up it.

I’ve used this technique in Escape to float in the air over the timed drawbridge to the safe room on The Choke hive without activating the bridge/enemies!

That would really only work solo, since only one person can be on the turret when it explodes in order to get the hop. And FWIW, as a cheat, I’m not sure people going for high scores actually want to avoid killing things, but now know that this shortcut exists. :slight_smile:

Back in Horde, I used the explosion hop technique to get up on the crates/clutter in Bunker’s ‘Lookout’, and from there (after cooldown) then used the glitch exit to get through the window to the Easter egg balcony. (FWIW, you probably also could get a human-controlled Jack to move your first turret up there or indeed any of these places, but I’ve found that Jack is frustratingly unreliable at getting the prompt for picking up the Mechanic’s turret, and this avoids the need for a second player altogether).

So to answer your earlier question, @Rexhold, no, the Easter egg sequence doesn’t play when you get out there unnaturally. :slight_smile:

While I still need to get the position down, I managed to get a clip of it


Escape: This probably shouldn’t surprise anyone at this point, but you can glitch through The Gatekeepers’ locked doors without needing to kill the linked bosses:

Horde: It’s a giant pain to get correct, but you can double explosion hop up to the Allfathers Arena ‘Hallway’ side upper ledge, first to this cover near either spawn:

and then again from there up to the ledge:

No real protection for players (other than putting a miniscule portion of the camera between you and a single shooter) up there, but if someone helps you lift sentries they would have good lines of sight and flier harassment:

If the Hallway is in the ‘Order’ (Eagle) configuration, you can subsequently glitch up a metal “speedbump” to then float over its center:

and then over to the opposite side’s ledge:

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That’s pretty cool. Always wanted to be able to go up there.

Low value update in the category of “I did it so you don’t have to”, I confirmed you can put a L3/4 barrier on this touchy ledge here on Allfathers Arena:

But it’s pretty pointless to go through that effort since it doesn’t block Juvies any better than if you just put it normally at the base of the wall (they still jump into it and do damage to it).

I’m not sure you can explosion hop up from there to the ‘Room’ side upper camera ledge. There’s not enough room to walk around the turret to be able to get on it at the same raised level. You can still get on the turret from the side below, but I think the game considers you to be at that lower level… from another player’s POV your character appears to be on the ground and weirdly reaching way, way up to control the turret. :slight_smile: AFAICT the turret explosion doesn’t seem to launch you up to the upper ledge from there, just back up to where you were.

I’d wanted to check the compensation idea of at least putting an electric/laser fence in that spot because it vaguely reminded me of the Reddit post I saw a bit ago where I learned you can put barriers in Forge’s control room window to block fliers (no glitching required). Seemed like that technique would be mildly useful to prevent the surprise downs, though Guardians/Sentinels can obviously still fly in from the sides, so it’s far from a cure-all.

In case it helps others, some personal learnings about playing the Reclaimed fields “for real” with randoms:

  • Re-explaining to the uninitiated how they and/or the Fabricator get back there (or how to get out of the river if they fall in) every time someone new joins is an extra difficulty modifier lol. Some folks never seem to understand, even with the gist in the lobby title.
    The Fabricator can be an extra challenge, because not only do you need a holder who understands, but everyone else must also refrain from killing enemies near the holder so the holder can get intentionally downed.

  • Waiting for Mechanic’s ultimate to recharge so you can play bouncer to let people in or out of the club is… zzzzzz. (And there’s almost certainly not enough to repair for Rootkit to shave any real time off either, though I didn’t try.)

  • Though Master soloing as (weak) Mechanic with limited firing lanes is considerably more practical on dailies when Regeneration is off. :slight_smile:

  • If everyone is back there, a Marksman definitely is a welcome choice like Snakeywakey said (even beyond it being Heads Up daily), so you’ll have someone who can X-Ray the last melee enemies where no one has a line of sight and they’re idling.

  • Alternatively, if not everyone is back out of bounds, a Combat Medic would be a good choice to have a hope of reviving downed folks in bounds without being able to reach them. (Letting a drone start pummeling them and then Flashbanging them to stand them up can also obviously work if you can get the grenade toss angle.)

  • Jack is a potentially dangerous class choice since he has no natural ability (outside of hijacking) to ever switch between in & out of bounds. He can’t do really anything other than play medic if he spawns outside.

  • Even if the Fabricator is back there, if anyone (player or AI) is currently alive in the normal playspace, returning COG tags to it will spawn that player/AI in bounds, too.

  • I’ve had the AI revive one of its own in a way that glitched it through the fence, so that revive trick Rexhold mentioned may also work. I will definitely need to test this further.

  • When the AI glitched itself back there, it was moving around reviving as well as it normally does (i.e., poorly, but doing it). But when AI spawned at the Fabricator back there with everyone else, they were frozen; they’d call out that they were coming to rescue downs, but would never move. Two of us crawled over directly to their feet and they still wouldn’t reach down to revive us. Ugh.

  • Make sure everyone understands that energy will typically be very constrained (pickups usually won’t warp back there) if there’s no one willing to stay in normal playspace to mop up the battlefield and protect/harvest far taps.


The water in Canals is death water:


@RumblyMonkey991 was curious about The Choke’s timed drawbridge turret explosion hop, so here’s a bit more detail on that one. You go to the larger side opposite the lever and put the turret up against the side like this:

or this:

(It seems to be pretty forgiving where, just make sure it’s as close to the side as it will go.) Then get on it and rotate it 45 degrees like so:

When the turret expires and explodes, you should have popped up on the side/in the air, and can just walk straight (but offcenter, there’s an invisible wall that doesn’t let you float over the actual bridge portion) to the saferoom/exit.

Then laugh at the Elite Drones (or your stranded teammates) who can only take potshots at you from the other side while you close the door. :slight_smile: Hope that helps!

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Yeah, lol, that one made me sad. I thought it was going to be one of the ones you could float over like Jack does (mostly useless but fun) but it’s not even a fall-through-the-floor-for-a-while one, it’s just that instant death.

This revelation makes the Flooding of Jacinto so much more horrific!

I’m not an Escape leaderboard chaser to know if this will actually matter for any scores, but FWIW, you can shave a few seconds off if you glitch through saferoom exit doors before they open.

Naturally, but uselessly, I also determined on the preceding act you can glitch into the saferoom without opening its door.

One can then recharge (you’re safe from Venom here) and glitch again into one of the showers, which you can activate normally and proceed to the main room (the lights come on and the shower doors close behind you like usual), all while Venom is continuing to kill everything left in the first act.

But unsurprisingly the dialogue doesn’t play and the outer door won’t open. So with the timer still ticking up, of course one recharges yet again and glitches through the outer door into the unloaded second act “airlock” into space. lol

Walking in and out of the Venom area here plays the voice line but doesn’t actually hurt:

So naturally, since one is curious to see what would happen, one can recharge yet again, and glitch through the barrier into space, but there one’s journey ends as one falls through the map and dies a few minutes after a brief glimpse at the Dark City they left behind.

Fun fact: restarting & running through the first act again normally you’ll find that the shower button you activated the first time through is no longer functional, you’ll have to use another one (or perhaps be unable to proceed if all of them are used?).


Lol that’s crazy and funny

Your patience to mess around with all of this stuff is certainly admirable.

Good to know…

Nearly all of the outside boundaries/covers of Dam are turret explosion hoppable and let you walk out above the water (as well as just step back in bounds without glitching), though the reachable areas seem to be broken into several separate chunks you can’t cross. The one toward the ‘Dam Walkway’ is by far the best and largest since it covers nearly all of that corner and goes out quite a ways:

and has at least a corner where you can use some cylindrical tanks for limited cover:

The mirror ‘Beach Walkway’ side is fully exposed and doesn’t let you get out as far (the sections closer to ‘Beach Spawn’ are separated).

Regardless, you can obviously use any of these to put un-melee-able sentries near the edge (inward for ground units or outward for fiiers) and be able to repair/refill them while still in bounds.

@SnakeyWakey389, you’ve probably found these already but I think these are the Pouncer “walking on air” you were seeking.

We apparently aren’t the only ones using this, though, since I ran across this post from a few years back. It would seem there is (or at least was) another way to hop because that was posted before Mechanic’s ultimate switched to the turret.

@Rexhold, you mentioned being able to revive hop? In my (lag free) tests I was never able to revive someone through or up any walls. What exactly was your technique on Tomb (or anywhere)?

The stair cases on tomb, where the pillar is in the middle between the stairs. If you revive someone with their head facing up the stairs theyll pop up on the hand railing and then they can back up into the pillar and shoot out without being able to be hit. Id probably have to show you cause its tricky.

And yea about dam, I saw a clip of my buddy using a bunch of weapon lockers and by swinging a mace he was able to get across the top of them and out of bounds lol.

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@IllOmen @RumblyMonkey991
Here is a video of me smuggling the Relic EMBAR out of the room at the beginning of a game:


Lol, I saw your dailies post earlier and was just looking into it myself.

The problem is that the Relic weapons are only in Horde Frenzy. (!) Anyone seen to the contrary? I realized I’ve only done 1 or maybe a couple 50-waves on Atrium, mostly just to get the Masters checkmark under the Horde (non-Frenzy) subcategory, and those times probably either never looked or just wrote it off as “someone wasted all the Relic weapons by the time I went back there”.

But playing a bunch just now on every Horde mode, they never spawned outside of Frenzy. 1-3 doors may open randomly after each wave like normal, but there’s never anything back there:

Well, except in the Predator Hunt and Nexus Siege modes with the additional Lancer pickup locations there, and those are also immediately available from Wave 0 via the turret exit glitch:

But otherwise, it’s empty. It’s only Horde Frenzy like you showed, where they’re there from the jump and you can smuggle them out on any wave:

And interestingly you can tell the lockers and weapons exist in Frenzies because that’s the only mode you hear a “fortification created” sound as you first spawn right after the match start 10 second countdown. (I long ago noticed a similar sound on official or custom Escape hives with lockers in the first act.)

Sheesh. Atrium’s been out how long? All this time, and this Relic weapon game mode limitation is news to me. lol