You can't stop the Cole Train... from glitching out of bounds

This started as a “Gears 5 wtf moments” thread post from yesterday’s Blood Drive daily, when an Incendiary Combat Medic briefly used my Mechanic’s turret and then accidentally glitch-exited into the stair garden. He could run up and down there but never get out or take cover on anything. He was reviving himself with Team Revive and Intervention the whole round, but eventually went down permanently (no one could reach in to pick him up) and died.

But then I found I could at least partially replicate it on demand in a hosted lobby. I could only get myself stuck in the wall, but I’d bet with a little lag, I’d probably get all the way through like had happened unintentionally.

I then found some spots to glitch through the walls for the lower staircase:

And one let me mess around in there with full movement (though obviously the map designers put no cover spots in there). In case you were wondering like I was :slight_smile: no, you can’t set a locker down there (or reach one sitting outside AFAICT) so you’d want to use a class with Ammo Regen. Or maybe Tactician’s ultimate could reach you, or perhaps Jack could airlift you an ammo box (I doubt it would drop there, though).

Speaking of Jack-like behavior, when you’re in these places, enemies that only have melee attacks will act as if you’re cloaked and will idle, since they have no path to reach you. Enemies with ranged attacks will still target you, though.

I sampled more of Blood Drive and a few other maps, and found a handful more spots where I could at least make it into the wall, and several places where you fall through the map (lol, Wave 0 failed) but haven’t found any truly useful spots.

Probably the most interesting was on Regency where you can see a lower level, and have minor protection since the trellis partially blocks bullets.

But they can also still shoot through the hedges and the higher platform.

Also, watch your step in one of the corners while admiring the clouds, because you didn’t pack a parachute and this facility is very high up. :slight_smile:

Anyway, I’m quite certain some of you here are also glitch testers. Do you know of any out-of-bounds PvE spots that are interesting or actually somewhat usable?


Can you show me some stuff on Ritual or Village?

My buddy Rex did something like this on blood drive one time. He was meleeing a carrier and somehow wound up on its back and got pushed into the air by the steps lol

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Sometimes, Sires can release you into out of bounds. I was playing The Hunters with Ross a few months ago and a Sire did that to him. We had to restart since he could not die there.

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LMAO… I poked around Village and you can get into the walls in a bunch of spots, and maybe the Bridge Spawn Swarm pods might be mildly interesting since it appeared I could shoot out from there more than most wall spots (didn’t check how vulnerable they were).

But the real highlights are the inner water spots. The Swarm-side corner opposite the burning tree looked like it could be funny because it’s reasonably well protected from basically all non-flyer angles and even the bridge, since they can’t shoot down if you walk right up to it:

Also, both sides (separately) of the Docks hanging bridge. The bigger side is more interesting because I got fortifications floating out there. :open_mouth:

I couldn’t quite manage to get the Fabricator there or within reach (I did get on top of it, but couldn’t get back to the water once there). But I couldn’t rule that impossible from my limited testing.

Also, when you fall through the bottom of that map, you keep falling for 3 freakin’ minutes, past the volcano and (reverse) curvature of the planet into The Matrix Construct before you finally die.

You can roadie run while falling, and you know you’re still falling throughout because the smoke from the Overkill reload animation flies up past you.

If you’re lucky, you’ll even have the Lambent finish the wave for you while you’re having fun skydiving. lol


Horde is gonna be a different place if randoms ever find out about this lol

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So you can glitch into CommanderCH2863’s and RumblyMonkey991’s Atrium prison. Though without the weapons or lockers spawned yet, I don’t know why you would.

ROFL, and if you thought randoms camping the Arcade or Relic room was bad, be prepared for camping… The Gymnasium. dun dun dun

In there you can also walk further behind the walls and be completely untouchable AFAICT. At least you can’t collect any energy if you’re in there.

I can’t tell if I should keep looking & posting other maps… I’m starting to feel the dark side of the force flowing through these.

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That’s hilarious :joy: please keep on

You can glitch into the columns on both sides of the tomb staircases and you dont need a turret.
you just have to be revived in a specific spot and then youll hop up on the railing. If you then go into the column you can shoot out but enemies cant shoot in.

You should try glitching into the easter egg on bunker and see if the explosions play

Funnily enough, I had already scoured that area in Bunker yesterday but the Easter egg spot itself seems pretty unlikely to reach due to how they’ve placed things. And I couldn’t quite manage to get over to that outside part at other spots either, though the walls look like the right kind that it might still be possible with lag. I didn’t find too much on that map. Probably the most amusing diversion was to get on top of one of the namesake Bunker’s corner turrets. You think that’s an exposed base setup now…

I ran out of time to check if you could maybe put a sentry up there to maybe get some actual use out of it (doubtful because it’s curved).

Interesting idea about the revives. I’d tested the Pilot’s Silverback and couldn’t use it this same way. I’ll be sure to check out those Tomb columns next time. Any other ideas or requests? lol

I messed around a bit with this and while I am still learning how to get further in walls, I get the gist of it. It would be fun to go OOB on Dam so you can walk on air like Pouncers do when they wander up there.


Incredible. I’ve now finally worked through all the maps, and there’s a clear, standout winner: Reclaimed. You can get out to the fields on the right and bottom of the map, all the way from the wine barrels near the ‘Workshop’ on one side, to just short of the stone bridge that crosses the river near ‘Construction’ on the other side shown here:

(don’t actually go in the river north of the waterwheel, since I haven’t found a walkable way back to the river bank).

There’s tons and tons of room for the full team, much of it fully protected. You can bring fortifications:

And there are viable shooting spots where you can get kills. Kills on this side of the Workshop here (at least with my single player testing) even can do that weird thing you sometimes see where energy drops will warp to near you, so you can pick up energy while out of bounds!

I’ve also confirmed you can get the Fabricator back there if you’re willing to sacrifice/down someone so they drop it/their handle while it’s red.

The downside is that with the Fab out-of-bounds, that energy drop warping won’t happen and it stays in bounds. So if you set up outside in the Reclaimed fields, you’ll have to choose whether you want reachable energy or a reachable Fabricator. :confused:

Another drawback that keeps this out-of-bounds location from being “perfect” is that I haven’t found anywhere you can walk back to normal space without glitching back (which is true of most maps & locations, but there are a small percentage where other classes could go back in bounds without Mechanic’s help). But at least it’s not one of the 1-way locations where even the Mechanic can’t get anyone back (for example, dropping into the four-sided ventilation tile in Abyss & Turbine leaves you stuck in the fan pit, so don’t do that unless you like re-enacting the “It puts the lotion in the basket” movie scene).

If instead you’re not going out in the fields, Reclaimed also has a couple more spots closer to the normal playspace you can glitch to use for sentries that can’t be reached by stupid Leeches or other melee.

I believe a Jack can set up these, too, but the glitch makes it possible if you don’t have that class present.

Some other maps with locations like that are the Gridlock center van top:

and typical Foundation center coverage but with less people-blocking:

and the obvious Speyer ‘Sanctuary’ steps:

Plus a couple areas on Nexus:

Also some more stair guarding options on Rail Line (you can do the other stairs, too, though just the high side, not both sides of the stairs like shown here):

Also a “raining death” zone on either side of the Exhibit bridge:

On Harbor, one person can get into either the ‘Cargo’ Mech and ‘Pipes’ far corners, and shoot out or put a sentry or two:

And lastly some extra Reactor ‘Sump’ coverage and ‘Research’ floating locations:

Reactor also has one of the possibly interesting human spots with a fairly big protected area behind the ‘Powerhouse’. But the actual shooting spots are small, and I haven’t managed to get fortifications back there normally yet. You probably could do the Fab holder sacrifice, but I didn’t check that yet.

I didn’t find any usable spots on Dam to walk on air, but let me know if you came across anything, Snakeywakey389. I found the below corner right next to the opening from the ‘Dam Spawn’ to the ‘Platform’/‘Pit’. It lets you shoot out plus be able to back into total protection, but it’s really too small for a full team. Also sentries in there can’t shoot ground units due to a wall, so from that perspective it would only be helpful against the fliers that sometimes like to hang out above.

You could drop into the River at ‘West Spawn’ and shoot the enemies when they walk up the steps. I didn’t find a way out from the inside yet, though.

In Ephyra, you can glitch through the wall immediately to the left of the APC Spawn and get into the rubble.
You can put a stealth sentry in there and/or just shoot out through a fairly decent field of fire, with some room to back up into safety. But it’s very narrow and I haven’t managed to get out yet from the inside.

Also in Ephyra, off the side of the ‘Courtyard’ you can get through the walls. While it’s an interesting view (and energy can warp back there), it’s basically unusable since there’s only a miniscule slot to shoot through shelving into the Garage on that side. (Same goes for the non-pictured ‘Crater Spawn’ where you can only shoot through a tiny V in the fencing.)

And of course, there’s the novelty of putting fortifications floating above the namesake Turbine, but there’s only a tiny partial nook for cover, so I wouldn’t send a human out there. :slight_smile:

This post is already insanely long so I’ll just mention a couple notable others and some fun facts:

  • You can get yourself and fortifications into either side of the U shaped ventilation spawn tiles in Overload, Abyss, and Turbine.
  • You can get behind the home furnishings in Checkout, but can’t do anything back there.
  • You take damage and can’t glitch through Nexus’ doors when they’re closed.
  • Similarly, you can’t glitch into the District Arcade before it’s opened, you’ll die. So for any maps that have undiscovered Easter eggs, that probably means we aren’t getting any sneak peeks with this technique. :frowning:

Oh, when I originally posted this I kind of assumed most experienced players except me already knew how to do this. lol But FWIW, if you need more explicit instructions, I posted some for the Atrium Gymnasium location in the Dailies thread.

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I did this a bit with a friend and all we got were things like Reactor falling forever or dying if we came too close to the main map or stuck in walls. We tried Bunker Easter Egg spot but we couldn’t quite make it back there.

Also, I tried doing a Horde Mania in Reclaimed out of bounds and it kind of worked for a while. Marksman can do work back there and the turret slaps as always, but Sentinels can sometimes get you if they catch you off guard. On modes like Kadar, the only way I could see that work is either having something in bounds (Jack?) to lure enemies over or maybe a Decoy that can be repaired through the wall.

Or the AI Jack glitch could be used to bring weapons from in the map out of bounds since the AI Jack teleports.

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What am i seeing

Good stuff

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No doubt. I need to see some OOB on Ritual though.

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But how can you run rampant as a CQC player outside the map?

(Or you want players outside to have more to kill… I see now.)

Ive always been interested in seeing outside maps. Seeing stuff we arent supposed to see.

That reminds me I once found you could manage to fly outside the map editor tiles in, well, the map editor. It was interesting just seeing stuff floating in a black void and what the outside of those tiles looked like.

I did find something interesting yesterday: