You can stop asking for Gears 2 and 3 remasters now


“We are also creating whole new classes of innovations including the ability to double the frame rate of a select set of titles from 30 fps to 60 fps or 60 fps to 120 fps.”

I’m intrigued to see what these select titles are.


the fact that they have an image of Gears 3 in the banner probably means most high profile first party games will get this treatment.

there’s also the option of requesting games be put into this program. it was already done with the BC 4K enhanced stuff on XB1X.

Just curious… Do you think playing a game thru an improved backwards compatibility engine with HDR and a remaster are the same thing?

They’re not.

Play Gears 1 from the 360 and then play UE… notice a difference?

I hope to one day see full remasters for both 2 & 3. Long overdue.


I don’t need remasters of games that are only a generation old and won’t really benefit from another pass. UE was a short distraction while I waited for Gears 4 and it’s a purely a nostalgic play from these publishers. UE was also just a way for TC to gets it’s feet wet considering their only other game was some ■■■■■■ facebook thing.

Microsoft is giving us the best option here. It allows players to go back and experience improved visuals while freeing up developers to focus on new stuff.

worthwhile remakes/remasters? FF7r, Shadow of The Colossus, Resident Evil 2/3, Age of Empires, Link’s Awakening, etc.

remasters that didn’t need to happen? Last of Us Remaster, Tomb Raider, Prototype, basically the stuff with a minor resolution/fps bump and DLC bundled in.

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I’m in favor of a Marcus Fenix collection but there should only be one multiplayer suite (ie only Gears 6 MP), not one for each game. In my opinion.


Gears 2 and 3 just dont look outdated enough for a remake… at least not yet.

The up scaling on the one x is enough for now in my opinion, but maybe towards the end of the Series X lifespan (after all the devs have managed to figure out how to push the hardware) then a 2 remake would be nice.

But who the hell wants TC to remaster those 2 brilliant games.

Please no…

If you mean campaign, I can see what you mean. Gears 5 campaign had has a lot of bugs.

Us Gears OGs need to remember that there’s a whole new generation of younger players who missed out entirely on the original trilogy and who’s introduction to Gears might have been 4 & 5. Hardly the series best jump off points. Those same gamers aren’t about to go back and play a game with inferior graphics, reverted gameplay mechanics, dormant servers and an almost non existent playerbase. And if they do go back, there’s no way they’d have the same impact.

Me personally… if my first Gears game was 5… I doubt I’d be the huge fan of the series that I am today. I ow all of that to the original trilogy. A Gears 2 Remaster in 2020/21 just might be what the franchise needs to repair the brand damage done by 5.

But goin off the responses so far, looks like I’m the only one lol

Oh and I lean heavily into wanting the remasters more so for the multiplayer aspect more than a rehaul of the campaigns.


absolutely. this is exactly what MCC shouldve been to avoid all those dang problems.

I can’t fault 343’s ambition

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Does this include reducing camera shake down to reasonable levels(eg Gears 4/5)? I wondered the same when reading this article… if the answer was to be no, Gears 2 and 3 can very well stay where they are at now in my memory. No, I don’t personally have issues with motion sickness(outside of very few specific conditions that don’t involve games being played), but damn the Gears 2/3 screen shake is so god awfully terrible. How did they ever think that was a good idea?

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For a remaster to be successful, they would definitely have to bring the movement up to Gears 4 specs.

I like the idea of a Marcus collection with one multiplayer version.


We need Gears 1 2 3 4 for PC!

I just booted up UE and that was the first thing I noticed was how low the camera got and the constant shaking lol

4 is already on pc

Get me 2, 3 and judgment (after adding the classic Gears weapon Management and Getting rid of those annoying end of mission stat screens) on PC remastered!

For me, I think a remaster would be a cash grab. I don’t think there is a benefit to TC from a company point of view.

I just think we should be looking to the future rather than relying on the past, no?

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Aaaaaannnnndddddd they will still ask for remasters