You can only pick one game mode to bring back... Which one will it be?

It can be PVP or PVE…

As for me, hopefully, gears 6 will have escape. If that’s the case then its definitely overrun for me (although, I did love my beast mode).

Escape. 100%. Best PvE mode to grace Gears of War.

PvP I can’t pick only one for PvP
Gears 3’s version of Guardian. It was the most fun version of the gamemode. Leader location is always known and leader had Tac/Com wallhacks.

Bunny Hunt more than once a year. OSOK and Guardian is heaven for me.


Probably wingman. All the modes available and what I expect to come back in 6 are gonna be there.


14 player ffa

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Wingman probably, as everything else is there.

Though I do enjoy Stay Frosty, which was amazing in Gears 3. It’s just a shame they never got it right again in any sequel.


Arcade mode or gears judgement pvp tuning.

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Campaign and Horde are a given, though, right?

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Capture the Flag.

Most fun PvP mode that TC has made. Keep it.


PvP - Dodgeball. I liked it in g4.

Pve - Escape.

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Escape, no doubt, if they would put the effort into the mode to give it more long-term replayability and more varied environments instead of everything being set in the same mountainside mining complex, better interaction with the environments instead of everything being point and shoot(or melee), and maybe some set pieces that don’t necessarily end the instant you seal everything off behind you.

PvP, well, I really don’t care about it so I don’t have any choice there.

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PVE - Escape - I just like it more and it’s more of a challenge than say, Beast which is over too quickly (although I’d love for GOW6 to include a PVE mode which allows us to play as Swarm/Locust).

PVP - Overrun - I think there’s alot of untapped potential in Overrun. Sure there will be difficulties and no doubt issues with balancing due to the human and Swarm sides having different abilities and qualities, but I feel we need some modes which bring back the fun-factor to GOW, instead of this serious ranked/competitive approach to everything.


One more is tricky but as that is the criteria:

Honourable mentions:

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My answer: I don’t know
Honourable mentions: Everything else

PVE-- Escape
PVP-- Wingman

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Are you sure you don’t want Gridiron? I mean, all you talk about is football… :wink:


Beast Mode / Overrun type of game mode it’s time to play as the Locust always COG gets boring on PVP need to be able to play the Locust made Gears 1-5 also UE , Tactics & Judgment & we going in to Gears 6 with only the COG side on PVP that’s weak.

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It’s basically a two for one, as Survival is so similar. Something for both crowds.

Edit…I’m a sour git, so will add that TC would love this. Imagine all those extra Swarm / Locust skins they could pump out!

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I think there’s still a demand for something like Overrun. Make it playable offline. No skill card like requirements. Make it feasible for people to duo or solo (for longevity).


As long as they make it balanced. There were so many incredibly annoying things about Overrun that needed balancing but never got it.


Perhaps not quite what the OP is asking…

I would really like to see Declassified Missions return in some way.