Yo. Gears 6 Next "Steel" color. TC this is perfect!


Yup… Bro… It would be awesome and so… Poetic. XD
Imagine a Armored Kantus or Stalker Armored Kantus, or Onyx Guard and whatever wearing a beautiful metallic shiny white, as clean as the snow fresh on the ground in the times of Winter. Sure it would be flashy and pop out. But I LOVE IT!!!

Also, I love the color white and black because it reminds me of Angels and Demons XD Kinda like Supernatural. Either way it’s cool.

But if you ever watched supernatural, Angelic grace is like a Blue fire mixed with a white color. Fitting, but you get the point!!!

To be absolutely honest, I’m fairly certain that TC is already planning that because it would only make sense if you knows how the Esport’s stuff has been looking lately. But the idea resurfaced to me from somebody on the forums and just got full of excitement. Hopefully that game has good sound design and everything in-between, including content at launch.

White Steel has been brought up since Gears 4. Someone made a skin with it too and it looks great. Actually a few threads are there too asking for white steel if you want to search for it.


I wonder where you got that idea :roll_eyes::+1::thinking:. As mentioned above most of us have been banging on about it for years, TC missed a golden opportunity what with 5 and the Ice theme.

Well… That is good. Means Gears 6 may actually have it :slight_smile:

Where’s my black steel at :heart_eyes:

We have White Steel…just a really low budget variant.

I’ll be saving a lot of money if this happens.

They had a skin set in g3 that was white. You got it for getting 10 kills as leader in Guardian!!

Sick set and fun to get!!

Long Live Guardian!!

Ivory :+1:

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