Yet another ranking system complaint/Rant

I remember when I got gears 1 back when I was about 7 or so. I played everyday and my favorite map was gridlock. My favorite mode was annex. I also loved friendly fire and the weird glitches.
I got gears 2 like 2 years later but still didn’t like it as much as the original until the original broke. I was devastated lol. But gears 2 was amazing! I met new friends, got a little competitive and joined clans. My friends use to teach me how to glitch out of maps via barrier breaking while my clan taught me wall bouncing. Inspired by both I made my gamer tag “xNbKxGL1TCH3RZ”…couldn’t think of a better name and yeah my clan was xNbKx at the time.
Now gears 3 came out and i got it a little late I think it was at the end of December 2011 or something like that. At this point I was 12 and it was hands down the best multiplayer I ever played in a gears game and it also had the best story in my opinion. And now we’re onto judgment the FIRST gears game I got early lol in the same week it came out. Now the reason I mention these games and my history with them is well because they all have something in common, something gears 4 COMPLETELY LACKS!!! They were actually fun…Gears 4 is only fun in privates with friends but that dies down quickly…I’m 19 now and I just have to be real here and ask

Coalition are you really the same company that created Gears UE??? I’m asking because I still don’t know what the ■■■■ gears 4 is…its definently trying to be similar to gears 3(my fav game) but failing in almost every way. Now I commend you on releasing the characters we never got to play as, the challenges, the movement(ESPECIALLY THE SHAKY CAMERA) bringing back the locusts,the new weapons and…that’s it literally lol. Every thing else you all did COMPLETELY wrong.

The new characters sucked, JD ESPECIALLY, The joke of a season pass which legit only gives you ONE EXCLUSIVE CHARACTER…a vintage variant of the WORST character in the game cough JD. the swarm we’re all reskinned locusts with 3 exceptions being The Snatcher, Carrier, and Pouncer that actually felt like new enemies and the final boss was a lazy but bigger combination of all 3, loot boxes and micro transactions, the promises as when you do the ruby scion challenge, you’d think you’re promised the character but nope you gotta wait 3 whole weeks, the promise of a better gnasher since 2016 and lastly the promise of a better ranking system.

I had the choice of spending my money on either a Ps4 Or an Xbox One. My hs friends urged me to get to ps4 cause I’d get to play with them and they originally owned the Xbox and we played together for years but I was conflicted cause I heard a new gears was coming so in the end I chose Xbox and got ue and even named myself after the series…not regretting it.

And now to end this thread…I use to be onyx 2 in tdm almost onyx 3. I was nearly to onyx 3 at about 89.08% but then I lost a couple times but I also won a few times but in the end somehow despite me coming in first place nearly every match w/ or without mvp and having teammates that were plain trash or a bronze, silver, low gold, and even afk players and quitters while fighting a whole team of higher level onyx’s and diamonds, I lost my onyx 2 almost as quickly as I breezed threw it lol…this happened recently but I didn’t bother to complain too much as I thought I could easily get it back but now…I’m not so sure. As you can see here i won 9 matches straight! 3 vs golds, bronzes and silvers, which won’t even rank me up because of your garbage ranking system that forces us to face them in the first place, and the rest vs onyxs, golds and diamonds…I LEGIT faced a team of onyx 3’s and 2’s with DIAMONDS and no ■■■■■■■ PERCENTAGE INCREASE OR A RANK UP…some of these FAKE garbage ■■■ diamonds were DIAMOND 4’s and 5’s but there was mainly one diamond 1 player on almost every team I faced after that…some had golds but mostly onyx’s and I managed to win vs them 6 rounds playing solo…then the most BULLSH#T moment happened once I faced one more team with a diamond and got a derank…after all those wins I should at least be onyx 2 again…but nah they try to force me to play overtime but HELL NO

There’s nothing fun about this game REMOTELY it just lacks so much and it’s nothing but pure stress…I just don’t get how because I have lower ranks on my team I must suffer a derank I also don’t get how 1 lose out of nearly 6 wins vs straight diamonds puts me at 57.00% rank…it’s RIDICULOUS how bad this system is lol if this is the way you intend the system working in gears 5 just cancel the entire project all together TC…I’ll be quitting multiplayer and will only play when they either release a new character, friends want me on, they fix this ■■■■■■■ system lol…this is ridiculous lol

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I feel you man. At least it is not as bad as rainbow six’s ranking system :rofl:

Can you post your issues here please?

GoW4 is a beta for Gears 5.

4 is the Alpha.

5 is the Beta.

6 is the full release.


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