Yet another issue with ranking system

So obviously the ranking system is mostly tied to your individual performance and points right? Like ok caps, breaks, kills, it’s all weighted differently but I feel like essentially it breaks down to points per minute. Problem is when the other team quits there’s no way to secure points.

Just ran a KoTH where we stomped. Two enemy team members quit late first round. So playing 5v3 there was no way to pick up points and I lost rank. I played great, second high in the game, but lost rank because we won too hard.

I know we are sick of talking about the ranking system but honestly it feels like no thought was put into it, and the thought that WAS put into it was misguided.


There is definitely something wrong with the way they calculate points once people quit. The team with no quitters shouldnt be punished. But to me the biggest issue with Ranked is that its 15k points from Bronze I to Gold I and 4k points from Gold I to Diamond I.

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Man, I feel like ascending to heaven is smoother than reaching this bullsh… Diamond Master.


Lol but you would think you would want the higher ranks to be more competitive, not the lower ranks.

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Yes as we all kno rank is 100 percent broke. Will it ever fix? Probly not…

I didn’t know that, that’s nuts. I was high gold low onyx in gears 4 and can’t get out of silver 2 in this game! I don’t even care about my rank to be honest. But since it’s dumb and broken it’s started to annoy me haha

Silver II is basically Onyx in this game lol.

I see a lot of GOW4 Diamonds saying they are stuck in Bronze lol. You have to just play for fun and not worry about Rank. Especially in its current state.

Started playing yesterday at Onyx 3 top 3 percent. Played and won 6 matches, all 6 mvp, only 2 going to the third round.

I am now Onyx 3 to 26%.

Nani ■■■■■?

You placed Onyx 3? Or how many matches did it take you to get there? Its probably because at Onyx 3 you are expected to be MVP almost every match and the only way to go up at that point is to be MVP against a team you arent supposed to be MVP against. It was similar in Gears 4. Athough typically you never lost % in a win. I mean or Rank is just completely broken. We can assume the latter.

But it is calculated on a round to round basis, so the game could have projected you would win all your rounds. I mean technically it was calculated on a round to round basis in Gears 4 but you couldnt see the impact until you won or lost a match.

I placed silver 1, it’s taken about 30 matches to get to Onyx 3.

I MVP almost 100% of my matches, and will lose points for rounds that I’ve won.

Yeah, as soon as I hit O3 top 3% I started losing points for rounds that I win.

Its probably just because there arent many people above your rank, so its probably rare you are getting matched against people above you.

I assume this should get better as the season progresses but who knows, TC’s ranking system creates a big net in the Silver Tier. What is your skill rating now point wise?

Not entirely sure. would need to check when home but I believe somewhere around 18.4k

Makes sense someone said Diamond I is 19k.

I don’t think it’s that high, hit diamond season 1 and I think I was still in the 18k range, but I could be wrong

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I’m wondering how much score per minute effects rank, they reduced the cap and break point values in KOTH, so the avg score per minute should be lower. I wonder if thats accounted for.

I was watching a video and the breakdown said it was kills deaths tallied each round. So if u get less kills in one round than projected you lose points. Caps and breaks have some impact, and you get a win bonus for each rd win. But only if you arent projected to win. It didnt say anything about time having an impact. I think K/D is the biggest impact.