Yet another change from the patch notes that didn't take

You guys remember this patch note from Operation 7 Drop 1?

Well about that. Look what challenge I pulled today:

This is getting old.


The best part is that 30k damage is actually in rotation for the same amount of stars and they just forgot to remove 70k from the pool.

Still not nearly as gamebreaking as the muted enemies which are still very much a thing.

Even Pipe Drones in the garbage horde event had 0 sound for me when I played it last time. Nice suprise turning around and having 3 Drones in diapers shredding through your SB.


Imo the pulling-trigger-yet-nothing-shoots thing that happens a lot is the most gamebreaking bug


Like I said, its really sad that its up to the community to double-check their own patch notes.

What they claimed to be fixed is not fixed at all.

This is not the first time this has happened.

Really sad.


Had the Sire sound bug yesterday whilst soloing The Hive.

My goodness, that sound is annoying.


Oh right, that happens in PvE as well - not as frequently though. It’s most likely the ■■■■■■ tuning though.


I absolutely hate the dreaded mute enemies bug, it’s gotten me and my team killed unfairly multiple times.

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If only TC made these drones DUMMY THICC so I could hear their a$$ cheeks clapping around when they tried to sneak up on me…

C’mon TC make it happen, you have already got these drones in their diapers.


Yes, that’s so annoying

But hey, at least they updated the score boards right?


Tbh the scoreboards look amazing


Another bug thats been around since launch…

U finish a match of whatever and u sit in the main menu and all u can hear is the sound of the xp bar going up, u search for another match and it only stops once u can move aboout.


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That happens 8000x more on console than PC. In 60 hours of PC it’s happened to me like twice.


Pc advantage :upside_down_face:

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Used to happen a ton at launch, a bunch of us on PC tried to work out similar hardware, the only common denominator was gamebar.

We stopped using gamebar and then the issue stopped ouccring.