Yes or No for Hero -Mechanics in Gears 6?

I personally don’t care for the hero mechanics that have been added to Gears 5 as I primarily play PvP ranked. I enjoy ranked PvP for the arena shooter gameplay. Hence, I cannot stand the game’s arcade mode.

I personally feel hero mechanics have stunted the roaster, by making characters more difficult to add due to balancing. The hero-mechanics arguably make each character more significant, by adding additional gameplay depth to them. However, many of the abilities seem to not canonically make sense , as they resemble magic rather than technology. Plus the characters don’t use said abilities in the canon campaign. What are your opinions of the hero-mechanics introduced in Gears 5?

Please share your thoughts and opinions.


I mean the powers are cool and all but I think if they have to put classes in the game, Gears 4 did it better except for the loot boxes.

But really The Coalition can do whatever they like. If I see they did something I really dislike I won’t buy the game. They announced the hero system way before launch. They announced that this would be a service game way before launch. I was fine with those changes so I bought the game.


I personally like them and I feel it gives the game more depth. The one thing that does bother me though is some of the abilities don’t work properly so hopefully they get patched and can work as intended. I like them but which they would everything would work properly.


There are some really good hero shooters out there, but there’s nothing quite like old school Gears. I’m no longer mad at them for experimenting. But, I hope they realize this was a swing and a miss, and go back to what was working.

Skill cards are nice, IMO. It adds depth to Horde and the whole “character build” aspect is super cool. The game I’ve been playing most recently has skill cards. Forcing roles and special abilities was a bridge too far for me though. Cards expand your options. Having to play certain roles in specific ways limits options, which feels counter productive to me.


They are roles for a reason dude. I did play old gears too and I like the new system, It’s not perfect but I like it. I do think they could make improvements though such as letting people buy more weapons from the fab would be great. Also you are not forced into playing a role. Just because you are a tank let’s say doesn’t stop you from doing other stuff.

Definite no from my end. I dislike being forced into playing characters I don’t like or am not necessarily interested in without any disliking, just because of playstyles, in a franchise where the characters have always been a large part of it even in the MP modes. Given that I still choose characters based on personality for the most part, this restricts how many playstyles I can use without bothering to use characters I may not want to use. Not a fan at all.

Besides that, the whole implementation seems a little half baked to me, with roles haphazardly assigned to characters with flawed or unclear reasonings as to why they have that role in the first place besides very few characters such as Cole or Jack, extremely slow character rollouts for the COG side, poor balancing in general for both characters and enemies which just results in severe restrictions in how you can play as well despite the many skill cards that exist for every character, I could go on. Basically, it’s just a big no for me.



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That’s ok. Personally for me I like it but I would say I’m somebody very passionate about the game or gears in general. Also most of the characters in the game I like so that makes it better for me. I could see though that if somebody only liked lets say 3 characters or very few they would not like it though. I think the class’s also make sense on most characters, not all of them though. Marcus, Jd , Kait, Cole, Keegan, Lahni, Emile, Kat, Jack, Cog gear, baird, Fahz. I might be missing some but most of them make sense to me. I guess that’s debatable though. Who you think got the wrong roles in this game?

Kait, I would say. According to nodezero(lead MP designer before he left TC iirc, also known as Ryan Cleven by real name) stated his reason for choosing a “Scout” role for Kait was that she was “out in the wilds” in the Campaign, which is something pretty much every character has been up to that point, JD and Del even went to survive in the Deadlands as part of their COG training, so they can survive out in the field just as well as anyone else, and it completely ignores that she not only always starts with a Longshot in Act 1 of both Gears 4 and 5, but also is said to prefer long engagement combat ranges to use sniper rifles in, in Ascendance, where she picks an EMBAR as the best long range weapon option available(and really, I’m not that much of a fan of close combat, I don’t mind it, but I prefer long range where I can pick off enemies from afar before they become a threat).

And Fahz… what tells us he’s a Sniper of all things? There’s nothing I could find or tell there.

And as someone who mainly uses or wants to use Lizzie or Kait, you can imagine I wouldn’t be a big fan of locking classes to characters.

"… you are not forced into playing a role. "

Unless they drastically changed Gears 5 from when I played it, your team is literally forced into taking one of each of the roles, as well as being forced into characters. Gross. That’s why none of my friends play this Horde. And, I’m talking about a couple dozen people I used to play Horde with. We never played one of each and it didn’t matter. The freedom of choice is why we enjoyed it. No one got screwed out of the role they wanted, there was no stepping on each other’s toes.


Your team is not forced into having one of each role… You can have all offence characters or all tanks etc. You just can’t have more then 1 of the same character.

So, you don’t have the freedom you had in Gears 4, correct?
Yea, no thanks. You have fun though.


I actually wish the Coalition had went with optional preset loadouts instead of heroes. then everyone could pick what ever character they wanted in PvE.

Maybe they were onto something with ultimates, but they need to keep classes separate from characters and not have a class limit. It actually would’ve been impressive the amount of classes they would’ve had compared to 4 if we consider each character right now is it’s own class. Of course having those separated means we would miss out on such amazing and original ultimate ability dialogue as “DEATH FROM ABOVE” but I think I could manage.

But if my only options are between yes and no, it’s a no from me.

If you don’t like it you don’t have to play the game, that’s up to you.

i will have fun, the game is awesome. It’s not perfect but what game is perfect? Even the really good games have flaws but people still like them or enjoy them.

Still play the game. However, if Gears 6 had solely hero-based PvP, I likely wouldn’t play the mp very much.

That’s a terrible idea dude. Multiplayer is a completely different thing then horde and escape and that’s how it should be. Multiplayer would be a mess if they did that.

I didn’t suggest that the Coalition make the mp solely a hero shooter. I stated a hypothetical PvP.

You don’t have to justify it to me. I don’t like it. My friends don’t like it. So, my vote on this thread is a hard “no”. But, I’m not going to try to sell anyone on what their personal tastes should be.