YES! Bot backfilling is back!

Finally we got bot backfilling back into quickplay with modes also put in together for a better player base. This is a great change, I hope people dont ruin this again and try and get bots removed from casual.


ahahahaha if they truly added bot backfilling back these devs need to apologize at this point. They have zero clue what they are doing.

That’s what happens when your player base numbers plummet

And why is that? 2v2 or 4v1 on Ephyra while playing SOCIAL is ok for you?

Dumb as they are, bots are great for social.


If people don’t like bot backfilling, play ranked? :thinking:

When I m solo I play quick play and can say without a doubt bots are a terrible addition. Been so since gow3. 4v4 was better as well.

I only agree they were terrible in Guardian, but only when they was leader cause they’d insta die lol now if they had set the settings where they can’t be leader then np at all… cause other than that I welcome bot backfilling, yes they are terrible and kill feeders, but they are also extra distractions… you have a better chance to 1v4 a game with bots than you do 1v4 without… neither would be easy, but you’re going to do better in the game with bots because you don’t have 4 people swarming you the whole time… half of them are distracted going for the easy kills… allowing you to do more.

And also wanna note they are useful in some ways too, cause I remember in Gridiron before it was gone from stand alone mode and still had bots… I’ve seen bots get TDs cause if they have flag they going straight for endzone lol.

what difficulty are bots on in social?

There is an entire game type to play against bots if that’s your fancy.

My opinion bot back filling is terrible for any game in verses. They messed up the quickly selection, and added bots, sorry but this isn’t day one launch players anymore, this move is terrible for op 7.

I’d much rather go back to op 6 with the terrible content drops of it means making quickly better again instead of this bot infested mess we have now… Please im practically begging.

Imagine being a bot loving Bambi. :joy:

There’s nothing fun about killing or playing with bots. I guess some people are so bad they need bots to kill to inflate their numbers? Jeez what a bunch of pathetic scubs you all bcame. F

oh no I agree with you…I wanted bots back the day TC removed them.

Im just saying…removing them…but leaving them for a few game modes…leaving some modes 5v5…then the reinstating of bots…

It’s just proof of mismanagement or lack of direction for the series.

Players weren’t demanding bots be removed, players wanted an improvement in matchmaking.