Yes, another speedrun thread

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Standing yes, I typed with dodge, which means moving scout and you are the one who started talking about other maps

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Oh, yeah? So you never stop running?

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Never, when I’am outside, the dodge works even from a milliseconds when you press and hold it properly, you really don’t even need to start to roadie run. For example when you shooting from gnasher or drop, after each shot immediately press and hold, you are nearly invincible.

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So you never shoot either.

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Read it again pls, I typed after each shot, I did should wrote not never stopped running, but never stopped using dodge, but it just works

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Hard to believe.

Specially when you get shot while firing.

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It is all about timing, like in the versus, I have no problem kill all by myself 3 grenadiers with gnashers in close proximity on insane with 2.5x everything and can prove it to you anytime you want

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Was thinking more of a Kestrel fight, among Scions, incon 30+…

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Yea that is when even full out scout wont survive, there is limitations to that cards

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lol. I don’t talk at all.
I take it none of you guys read the lengthy video description and explanation on youtube?
(Prior to August I haven’t played this map since March but I think I wrote since May. I’ll go in and correct it in the description but it’s staying wrong in the video.)

The “black magic” is in the fabricator placement. If it was off even a little bit everything spawned inside with me. If you take cover at the doorway to the arcade room on the arcade wall side, enemies outside on the steps will slide down the steps and warp through the floor to take cover on the other side of the wall. Even with barriers Juvies will fly through the window, and mantle kick through the arcade side wall to mantle kick you. The only safe place seemed to be in the right corner by the window.

The Carrier will not try to enter the room but it will do its Hulk Smash out side the window which will still destroy all your fortifications in the closest half of the main room of the diner. It’s like the floor has no collision detection for the enemies.

Run it however you want.
I made a quick video compilation of some weird sh*t I experienced while first playing this solo and waiting for some friends to finish their game. (another friend did join my game at one point)

Here, I’ll even cut and paste the Youtube description for the uninitiated:

Since the May 2018 (*edit: March) patch this map had been deemed completely unplayable… (more info below)

The enemy spawn points are erratic and there seems to be no safe place to setup a base.

I was just killing time and messing around on this map while waiting for a group of friends to finish their horde match so I used the fabricator door-block method that I used earlier in the year (pre-patch) for the School of '08 achievement. By chance I noticed dropped power landing next to the fabricator instead of where enemies died across the map while I was sitting in the Diner.

To make sure it wasn’t a fluke, I noted the fabricator placement and I ran this a few more times with consistent results. The first few runs I sat at the doorway but even with the door blocked sentinels would easily get through, and occasionally a drone would “warp” through the doorway - not a teleport but his body would deform and stretch in mid air. After a few rounds of that I noticed some power teleporting to the room next to me. I ran a few position experiments (off camera) before I settled on sitting in the right window.

I have noticed if the fabricator is even slightly off-kilter power teleporting does not work so positioning must be very precise. If you leave the room the power will not teleport for the most part, however I noticed when another player who is outside the room gets a kill, that power will not teleport, but the power from any kill I got from inside the room still did. We thought we could “speedrun” it with Sniper strikes but the enemies are on a delayed spawn timer.

All of this IS STILL EXPERIMENTAL AT BEST so I make no claim to be the absolute authority, or even the first to find this considering I had not played on this map for 3 (*Edit: 5) months prior to capturing this video.

(I don’t watch videos of other people playing games so I have never seen anyone else do this if they have.)


You must have that limited edition super exclusive Heavy that is impervious to damage over a scout that has health boost and regen

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No, actually I know how to play outta speedruns.


I’m sure you do

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Guess you spent much time on them.


Compared to the almighty incon public ironman horde player, nope…you have me beat there champ

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Thanks but sorry bro I dont swing that way, good for you though

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I feel like if that’s where you’re putting them, you’re probably doing it wrong.

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Made me laugh :joy::joy::joy:

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No I don’t, thnx for the explanation, will try that fabricator placement.