Yes, another speedrun thread

(Voltaire tron) #110

IIRC Horde uses the power of the cloud to help run Horde matches. Offline Horde would presumably not run as well and end up being a lesser experience. (by how much? only TC might know)

(mizzelphug) #111

I was screwing around for a bit and found this seemed to work well for me. :slight_smile:

(TC messed this map all up…)


That’s bad ■■■ man

(AVTruePredator) #113

Does anyone know the optimal speed for a speed run? Me and my friends were roadie running around the map for hours and could never get past wave 1. Are we doing something wrong, do we need to run faster?

(Junglist Shoota) #114

Without watching the video I can tell you how to run bloodrive easy. Engineer place fab in line with door of the spawn room but back a bit. Place lockers (or decoys) along the left wall at top of stairs. Place a locker (or decoy) along left wall of arcade room (hugging the arcade machines). Sentry or shock (or players) cover the arcade room from spawn room. Sniper cover the boltok spawn acoss the way using fab as cover. Soldier can run any setup. Heavy should be Dropshot build with team revive. Sniper DPS build. Scout energize or speed build. Engineer overclock decoy hp decoy cost carry speed build cost/fort hp/barrier cost. It’s almost too easy now. Kinda boring though.
This is not a SR, merely a response to those that say bloodrive is broken. It has changed but still quite simple.
Edit: so I did watch the vid now and… Wtf? What is with all the glitches? You are quite accurate so why bother with the cheating? That is my opinion of it for what it is worth.

(mendigo2005) #115

So how we play easy outside?

(Junglist Shoota) #116

Well, I have no answer for that admittedly. The SR scene screwed that up. Lol. Maybe try the hallway on either side but you’ll be pinched.

(Wisdom Thumbs) #117

That was a rare example of TC lying like Epic used to.

It’s BS. Sure it runs on the Cloud, but it doesn’t need to. Contrary to what Youtubers say, a little loss of framerate is not the death of PvE modes. Versus Mode relies on the Cloud because you HAVE to connect to other players, but Horde is under less restriction. Horde should not be online-only.

The real reasoning is that TC doesn’t want players grinding and cheating in Horde for Credits. But that crap is inevitable in Private, so they need to just come right out and say the truth: “We don’t want players breaking the Credits economy we forced.”

Also, it would cost a little time and expense to set up a No Credits version of Horde that can unlatch from the Cloud. But they won’t explain that either.

Nope, they just say “nah it only works on the Cloud.”

Good intentions. Results in loss of trust. Still not worth it, because TC designed an exploitable Horde.

Stop using stopgap measures, TC. Don’t stoop to Epic’s level and lie just to avoid explaining the realities of budget!

(JITheThunder) #118

Speedrun must be fixed. Game must be played as game, for fun only. Finding loophole of a game which is just a software and taking benefit is not fun in gaming, its just time waste.

(mizzelphug) #119

Everything in that video was found accidentally. I wasn’t trying to"cheat." Was just playing casual solo using the (now old) school of '08 method of blocking the doorway when I saw power teleport into the room.

Juvies were also teleporting through walls, and trackers rain from the roof above the left window sometimes. These are actual glitches caused as a direct result of TC breaking the game’s code to hinder speedruns. There are more that I’ve come across since I put that video together.

TLDR: i was having fun at no one’s expense.

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(Belkain) #121

Wow, you figured out what TC couldn’t do or couldn’t bother to do. Top notch quality testing.

I would like a fix since it was an ok map for horde but if I had to choose a single fix for horde it would have to be map rotation.

(TGH Cyrus) #122

Lol what? you talk in the video that it is at least playable this way? We been playing this map numerous times since the patch, it is playable pretty well, leave the fabricator inside, they will spawn outside, just block left window for juvies with few barriers placed sideways, on level 3 and 4 only one is needed in the window, that is all, no need to do this, of course some barriers on the entrance.
edit: btw it is some black magic that no one spawned inside when you put fabricator that way, whenever we do it, (mostly to block snatcher) bots spawn also inside

(Junglist Shoota) #123

Ah, seemed like you we’re suggesting we all do those things to clear it easily. Interesting glitches and if a direct result of their latest updates/patches… Wow. Fix one thing while breaking many others. :sweat_smile:

(mendigo2005) #124

That’s not what I would call well… But hidden.

(Junglist Shoota) #125

True. This was a fantastic map when team could play from top of stairs. Decoy nests under to tracks made great fun. I suppose it can still be done, but must keep the diner and boltok spawn covered. I hate sentries but maybe these or cover the boltok spawn with level 1 or 2 barrier and have soldier cover diner with mix of grenades, rifle, and decoy/ barrier. Rest could play normally.

(TGH Cyrus) #126

If you are referring to that they can spawn at the top of the stairs, I agree, the spawns are broken on this map, but, on insane or higher, horde is all about hiding and killing from safe spot, well unless you are psycho scout

(mendigo2005) #127

Or a berserker heavy.

You don’t have to play hidden. Take Forge for example.

Even Avalanche is doable outside.

(TGH Cyrus) #128

Heavy with maxed cards can’t take nearly as much damage as scout can with dodge and health boost regen maxed, except for explosives and even then, that thick skin not works always, but of course it is doable, hell I always run across the map and kill everything as a scout, but I was referring to the fact, that you will not run across the map as a sniper, for example, when you can be killed by a summer breeze on insane and higher

(mendigo2005) #129

My heavy can take much more damage than a standing scout.

And nobody here is talking about running free on map. Bloodrive is basically hidden playing only now.