Yes, another speedrun thread

(mendigo2005) #89

I see as an incentive. And I don’t get it.

(Odahviing N7) #90

I don’t see what’s wrong with SR in this game. TC lost trust with their blatant greed in many if not most cases. Surprisingly, I see the SR as a punishment to TC’s greed and rather low quality updates since release. They ■■■■■■ up too often, now they suffer. I’m sure it will continue happening if things don’t change in gears 5.

(WrinklyHornet34) #91

TC got greedy with their unbelievable drop rates and caused speedruns. I have seen a post saying “its done in public” and to be honest I find it ridiculous. I have seen some, and by some I mean very little, try to turn a map into a speedtun and it fails everytime. If I come into a game and see this happen then I will leave and find another game no problem. In both LFG and public I still get more than enough games in and find it very hard to not find a game at all. The whole idea that Horde is just speedruns is (insert profanity) stupid. I have no problem finding any horde games at all and anyone who wants map nerfed because of speedruns can uninstall the game and play something else. I will not have another map ruined like Blood Drive and while that was TC I will not have another map ruined because knowing people are doing speedruns on their time and their private games effects you and only you for whatever silly reason you have. I don’t need or do speedruns for XP, credits or packs and if I don’t have enough then I just don’t have enough and if someone else does regardless of how they got it then good for them but them getting it in a shorter time does not mean I can’t sleep at night of play horde or play any game because of it.

Might not be a popular opinion but it is my 2 cents on the topic.

(Ektope) #92

Mercy seems like a Speed Run most of the time for me on Inconceivable when we got Grenadier Soldier(s) with Fabricator inside Library building.
Personal experience.

(Ektope) #93

I recently did Blood Drive outside.

I was wrong about Wave 20 Bounty, three people got kicked out by server at the same time.

(SmokeTastyBuds) #94

Thinking back, prior to it being patched, I honestly don’t think I ever did a run on warmachine where the fab wasn’t dragged and float glitched in the spawn doorway.

There are a few speedrun tactics that bleed into public play, always has been.

(WrinklyHornet34) #95

While in a sense it was ruined because of the spawns it is very much doable but the problem I have with it is players either still don’t know or just aren’t quick enough or just not good enough to hold their own against it. I am all in when it comes around but players quit after a few waves even if it is going well. The corridors are fun but a little tight. I am thinking about going into the open underneath the the rail track just to see what thats like. I just don’t want other maps patched because some people have it out for speedrunners.

(Ektope) #96

I’ve tried having the Fabricator under the rail thing above overhead, I know where you mean.

The problem with that is that in both side buildings, “triage room” and “train station”, the enemies spawn at the top of stairs and Grenade room.
There’s no way to prevent them spawn, even if a player is standing in those spots or areas.
I’ve tried to box them in with two Barriers but I didn’t get far because of other players, the ones at top of stairs of “train station”.
It just isn’t gonna go well and not much cover for rest of team, they can be shot from nearly all directions.
The only possible good cover is the bottom of “train station” and “triage room”, bottom of stairs.
Try it yourself in Private match and see where they spawn for an idea.

(WrinklyHornet34) #97

Thought I might try it in public lol. Yeah played it on gears 3 from that location and it has been recking my head ever since but honestly I will really need to plan it out and have a solid team to even attempt it from either side.

(Ektope) #98

Apparently, both spawns work, both side buildings work.
The courtyard and under the rails might not work.
That’s about it.
Placing the Fab near Boltok room helps to do outside, but the spawn needs to be locked down in a similar way to Blood Drive Speed Run strat.

(WrinklyHornet34) #99

The last time I completed a full 50 on that I was a grenade soldier and the engi built some decoys a fences while I planted grenades in the spawn room and that worked wonders cause we were going for minimal sentry build. Shock grenades and shock sentries are good for that. The odd enemy got out but nothing nobody could handle. Ive adapted to the new spawns and what not just waiting for public to catch up lol.

Edit: Thanks for the heads up about the Rail area.

(Furyan76) #100

I have reup 2 wings level playing the game without speedrun.
Then i have lost more of 180 000 credits on Thrashball packs and NO COLE SKIN UNLOCKED.
I had known the same problem with old packs for Raam skin…
I was furious, frustrated and disgusted. I hate this RNG system, it’s very rotten, moreover, all this time to collect credits for nothing… My fury was real.

TC want grind, grind and grind…
Ok… One speedrunner was born !

Thanks horrible RNG and welcome SPEEDRUN !

(Major Schaefer) #101

Funnily enough the game I got after my earlier posts was on Mercy, and - although it was Feral Horde so on hardcore - it was exactly as you said and I thought to myself “when is a speedrun not a speedrun” because it went so fast.
I really enjoyed it, so maybe I too am turning to the ‘dark side’… :smile:

(Junglist Shoota) #102

Yep. I was nade soldier on that map once and was like wtf! Many waves lasted 20-30 seconds. I felt dirty.

(Wisdom Thumbs) #103

Maybe TC shouldn’t have designed such a broken RNG grind. Or maybe TC shouldn’t have built a Horde mode dominated by turrets and Fabricator super-abilities.

Maybe TC should acknowledge that they made Horde exploitable, and aim for the Gears 2 style of Horde using the best elements from Gears 4 Horde.

I still play Gears 2 Horde. But I will never grind to adequate levels for Gears 4. I never even unlocked most of the upgrades in Gears 3. Too much frivolous BS. I just want to make my own cover and shoot things in a last stand.

But I think Speedrunners in Gears 4’s Horde are only playing the game TC gave them.

(mendigo2005) #104

You can play horde 3.0 with minimal fortifications (lockers, barriers).

Of course, if you want higher difficulties, you gotta grind. But it happens within gameplay and some luck to get your first hability card with packs.

(Voltaire tron) #106

What? Slab is a guaranteed 50 with a semi-competent team

(Noble Guardian) #107

What’s with the flag? No body notices sarcasm these days . Although I’m an old speedrunner my slef, but when they brought back 4xp-5xp horde, ranked servers got affected somehow, as many speedrunners returned to their hobby…

Moreover, in my opinion, 4XP playlist is a counter measure for bringing back players base to deserted playlists, so there is a chance to hit diamond there and widen the possibilities of earning Diamond Scion,

(Wisdom Thumbs) #108

But Horde 3.0 is online only. I have lived in three successive areas where no ISP will provide good service, so to play Horde 3.0 I have to travel.

So rather than travel, play a few hours a month, and eventually get a Scout or Soldier class capable of playing Hardcore solo…

…I’d rather just play Gears 2 Horde Insane, solo. Because I can play that online and never have to unlock BS. Sometimes I even make it to wave 20, and it’s always a blast.

Online-only is the slow death of Horde. Especially now that Net Neutrality is gone. Did you know that Verizon throttled internet service to firefighters in California? During a wildfire! And yet TC expects everyone to have great internet just to play Horde!

I would even accept a no-Credits version of Horde 4.0 if it meant I could play offline again.

(mendigo2005) #109

It’s not just Coalition, I see much hatred towards a specific country for it has a lame internet connection, generally. I remember a guy bragging about having “top 1% connection in us, why pair me with low quality internet?”.

Anyway, Gears 4 was my first online experience. I too used to go solo against horde on 2.0, but current version amazes me more.

Even on hardcore a solo run would not be easy.

And about the link you showed, that kinda disrespect happens on my country all the time. Unfortunately we’re used to it.