Yes, another speedrun thread

(Bleeding Pepper) #69

Precisely. It’s always funny how people talk about speedruns as if people are doing it in public Horde games.

The only way it affects public Horde is that it takes a player (or players) out of public play so the number of players to be matched with is reduced. Aside from that it doesn’t affect public Horde players in any other way.

(WrinklyHornet34) #70

Even taking that into account there are still more than enough players in public Horde to complete 50 waves. Never had a problem finding players in public and or LFG who want to play Horde at a regular pace. Some players seem to latch onto the idea that all Horde is speedruns now ever since speedrunning started.

(Bleeding Pepper) #71

Yeah. I’d imagine it’s a relatively small percentage of Horde playerss who do speedruns. I play with a regular core group of about 10-12 people. Where we don’t have a full group of 5 we use LFG and we often get newbies wanting to learn how to do speedruns.

For the record within out group we know speedruns on 22 maps. We refuse to do War Machine admits boring and overdone, and Lift and Lift Apex are only done if we’re feeling super lazy or hungover! We make a point to rotate maps and to do the tougher runs like Slab, Old Town, and Relic.

(hotbeatz85) #72

Then why do players do it on Public Horde?

(J4CKA1) #73

Not sure why they would try. Kind of need more than 1 or two people to pull it off.

To answer your question… probably because they are morons. There’s a lot of those in the Gears community. Low IQ I’d say.

(crazychainsaws8) #74

It so ridiculous people get so upset that there people out there doing horde game goes faster. It just a game. I can’t put in my resume " I hit wings 10 with no speed runs" at the end of the day no one cares about your level or how you get it. In 5-7 years people are going to hack their accounts and get every character/weapon skin and get themselves the highest level in the game.

(DarkChaoz95) #75

My gripe is thay there is a double standard.

If ranked is a full commitment and should be played fairly then Horde shoud be treated the same.

Horde shouldnt be completed in 1 hr - 1 hr 30 mins because it suppose to take your hardwork and dedication to earn your credits. Not just simply finishing it quickly just to farm for credits.

I feel anyone who complete Horde in an hour simply doesnr deserve / earned the credits.

People will argue that they dont have time to spend 2 hrs + on horde. In that case simply dont play horde or just play 25 wave variant. Horde is a commitment and people should see it through to the end and take their time. Not just rushing it, and just doing the same repeated steps over and over.

I treat speedruns akin to cheating. People look down on aimbots but not speedruns. To me speedruns effect the in game economy.

The only way to curtail this speedrun problem is to diminish the ovrrall credit reward or reward less credits if completed at certain time (like in 1 hr)

(J4CKA1) #76

Agree to disagree. I have time at night to play, but I feel like the game was made longer intentionally to hold you in there for 2+ hours. I play games for fun, not because i’m committed to it. They need to figure out a way to cut down on the time for 50 waves or just do away with 50 waves altogether.

Ranked is for competitive play. Horde and other modes are for more casual play. It shouldn’t be treated the same because it’s not the same.

(crazychainsaws8) #77

You don’t see gears esports doing tournaments on horde. Here team optic face off against echo fox fighting against the swarm who will survive the longest?

(crazychainsaws8) #78

I find that it sad that people would rather want to patch speed runs even though actually problems like lag in core or even the reload drop shot glitch still exist. I don’t want to spend money on character packs. And yes sometimes I don’t have to much time to play games to much you know why? It not because i’m commented to play the game it because I have a life. What ever happen to people who just have fun with games I’m to enjoy playing my favorite video game franchise while avoiding the anti consumer things of it.

(mendigo2005) #79

Well, sir, I rightfully deserve all xp and credits I got on 25 waves and under a hour!

By the way, where is it? (On public).

(ExcaIibur) #80

Horde 3.0 seemed pretty dated when the game came out. It seemed like a half baked attempt at changing it up. I think it went backwards from what it was. There were more options available when playing it on Gears 3 (like mutators).

They should make Horde playable as single player, co-op and or in teams. They could do like a 4 v 4 battle etc… there’s so many options or things that could be done for next time.

All the people I know would never play horde, because its overly long, its a grind, its samey, just pretty repetitive. There needs to be more variables , more options and way less grindy.

(The Evil Moo) #81

Don’t care about hoard, I’ve only played maybe like 30 minutes tops of it, with that being said, speed runners only bother me for one reason:

I’ve grinded for hundreds of hours in multiplayer and I’m almost close to my first wings, to me that’s an accomplished honor.

Speed runners who have wings will have them in a fraction of time, therefore to me it devalues the significance.

Of course, I could speed run too, but I hate horde, and again wings would be pointless.

Speed runners, speed run on.

(sancris777) #82

Speedruns are absolutely fantastic and kind of fun…also an easy way to gain XP- oh wait some people frown upon speedruns? oh yeah no they are still fantastic and i’ll personally sanction the act of speedrunism :grin:

(Major Schaefer) #83

Speedrunners are so quick to defend their actions because deep down they know they’re doing wrong! ….

(Leans back in chair and evilly awaits the replies that will only serve to confirm his opening sentence).

Seriously though, I’m not a fan (did a couple of SR’s on Security and loved it, did one on War Machine and hated it with a passion - and that’s it). My worry is that the credit payout in Horde is so high (compared to vs) because of the time invested for a whole 1-50 run, but with SR’s being available on so many current maps TC may dial the payout completely back in Gears 5 rather than attempt to nerf SR’s. Therefore everyone that plays Horde may suffer.

(Bleeding Pepper) #84

Depends if you believe that credit farming is right or wrong though surely? I’ve said what I’ve said on the matter. If Gears 5 adjusts it with lower Horde payouts then it’s a reflection of TC’s greed as far as I’m concerned and by doing so it’s creating a race to the bottom when PVP credit payouts should be higher (or drop rates of packs should be improved).


IF they have credits in Gears 5 then they will focus on that tremendously I bet. Not sure how they balanced it but I’d like to think that they figured out that an hours worth of VS should net you the same credits as a 3 hour horde match? Or something along those lines

(Major Schaefer) #86

Credit farming is such a big factor, agreed. I admit that part of the reason I’ve not delved further into speedruns is that my mic is broken, I can’t be bothered to get another one and I’m not particularly ‘chatty’ whilst gaming anyway. That being said, the credit payout is a BIG factor when I’m deciding which version of Horde and difficulty level I choose.
The creation of wings 6-10 seems to me to be TC waving the white flag to the prospect of eliminating speedruns, and the number of maps in which SR’s are (seemingly) possible hints that they couldn’t even if they tried. So the easiest solution would seem to be to lower the credits awarded for Horde in general.

To summarise - I don’t speedrun but I have no problem with those that do. No-one attempts to SR in public Horde so nobody is forced to play that way if they don’t want to. I do worry that it may adversely affect Horde in Gears 5 if similar credit systems remain, and I don’t consider them cheating (unacceptable) but I would call them an exploit (100% acceptable).

I’m off to try my luck in the crapshoot that is public Horde now, so take my comments with a pinch of salt because I’m obviously nuts!

(Bleeding Pepper) #87

No one’s saying you’re nuts though. I get that you have worries regarding how TC will try to resolve this issue in the future. TC have made it clear they disapprove and see it as a problem so I understand where your worries come from.

I suppose my post is more to encourage players to not think about solutions in terms of a race to the bottom, but to discuss alternatives that benefit all and focus on what we can gain rather than what we can lose. If we as a fan base make our voices heard we may be able to influence TC to an extent. It’s about reframing the problem, and therfore reframe the solution.

(Major Schaefer) #88

Extremely well put, and I too hope that the future of this franchise we love finds a balance that keeps everybody happy!
NOW tell me I’m not nuts! LOL