Yes, another speedrun thread

So you have a shrink because of the speedruns people do?

Yes, they keep me awake at nite an this is unhealthy, I jus don’t know how else to approach this :frowning:

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I’ll give you a nice, warm hug…

I was listening to the developer stream thing last night and hearing their views on Speedruns has convinced me that TC are out of touch with the Gears community. They just don’t get why speedrunners are motivated to do speedruns. It’s a direct response to the unbalanced in-game economy. There are multiple factors that feed into this:

  1. Horde skill cards are subject to RNG packs and/or long grinds.
  2. Custom skins are undoubtedly popular despite being cosmetic. People want these skins but we have a system that uses RNG.
  3. The real life monetary cost of Gear Packs is generally felt to be high, especially given the RNG factor.
  4. Feature Packs are only available for relatively short periods.
  5. Low credit payouts for Versus players.

I’ve always had the impression that TC’s disapproval of speedruns is basically them throwing a hissy fit that it means fewer people pay real money for Gear Packs cos they have an abundance of credits.

The bit where they spoke glowingly and proudly about TC listening to fans and quickly making the changes to the Lambent packs made me chuckle too. True, I appreciate the effort they made, but you could argue if they hadn’t made such a poor decision they wouldn’t have needed to do that as there would not have been such a backlash from fans. If they were more in touch with fans they wouldn’t have made such a decision.

The Lambent Pack stuff was a shift in the right direction. There’s still lots of things to be discussed before a long term solution can be created. TC’s views on speedruns just strikes me as completely misunderstanding the situation.


Oh come on. Why so serious? :thinking:

Because the thread will get locked. If it has a little sprinkle of seriousness in it then we can justify the existence of this thread and we can have a bit of fun. :wink:

And for the record, I bought up nipple clamps. Which you deviants are all enjoying.


Is fun banned in gears forums as well as the game then?

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But in all seriousness, they hate SR’s because those who do it, level up faster and earn credits faster. It’s always the same answer from them too, it’s an exploit and it’s cheating, takes away from the purity of the game blah blah blah

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Then hoard should lower pay out while vs gets an increase

You’ll have to ask a mod. I’d quite happily talk about nipple clamps all day long but it would be considered off topic and a conversation to be had on a different kind of website. :sunglasses:

Your jus worried this is all your fault, an with good reason :wink:

Lets blame the Speed runners shall we :sunglasses:

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I’m literally crying right now because of speed runs. WHEN DOES THE MADNESS END?!!?

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I can give you the number of my shrink, really helped me gain perspective on the cheaters

Where there’s a blame there’s a claim, class action I say

I have never been one to do speed runs. The main problem I have with them is that their existence has caused TC to change aspects of the game because they don’t like them. If they would have left the game as it was, I couldn’t care less. Now blood drive is an awful map to play on and such.


Please keep on topic my friend, this is the nipple clamp thread :smile:


This is my only real gripe about SR. Maybe also when. I see players act in a manner during pubs that tells me they are SR mains. You know, the sniper that sits in spawn and only moves to use sniper strike every once in a while. I suppose it’s on the specific player, but I see it too often. I am curious if the SR mains are actually any good in “regular” runs or vs. no hate or mocking as I am a casual-noob-tryhard-botwalking-scrub. Simply cusious as I feel it often breeds a poor effort.

I can handle my own on Horde. Done it well before I started speed running. For me, I don’t want to waste my time anymore playing a match that is 2-3 hours when I can get 3 matches in within that time. Also, I don’t care about what is going on in the game itself, I’m usually with my friends when I play anyway and I have fun BS’ing with them.


Please enlighten me on speedrunning, is it just efficient or is it something else?

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