Yes, another speedrun thread

Ok so, came on here this morning and saw a post where the guy wanted 4x xp for Horde and of course someone chimes in with get rid of speedruns. So, what I really want to know is, how does this affect your personal life since some hate speedruns? Can you not sleep at night? Perhaps you can’t perform at work properly? Can you not drive your car in a straight line on the highways? What is it?


I can’t stand to see people happy so I like to take things away from them if it’s something I’m not interested in.

(I’m just guessing that’s how they think)
I personally turn down speed runs all the time and my friends know not to ask. I only play for fun, not achievements or rank or credits, etc. But I’m not threatened by people who do. Have your fun and I’ll have mine. :slight_smile:


I wake up in a cold fever almost three times a night just thinking about these people earning credits and xp at a rate slightly faster than TC originally intended these packs are meant to be purchased with money not credits every time I see someone speedrun I send them an Xbox message saying anthrax seeing this stuff makes me sick!


I tried to send anthrax in an Xbox message but apparently it wasn’t a valid attachment… :frowning:



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TC have stated they won’t do 4x on hoard because of speedrunners so yea for everyone who wanted 4x hoard, were not getting it cause they ruined it for everybody, hence his stance, get rid of speedrunning possibilities an there’s no excuse to not do 4x hoard, I for one don’t care, don’t even know how exactly to do a speed run, the way I see it is some ppl found a more efficient way to complete hoard runs an TC don’t like it, sad really. Still don’t care tho XD

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Where did they say this? Must’ve been recently because they did 4x xp before the 2x xp event

To be honest, I saw someone else say this an i believe it, how true it is I can’t say, if it’s not the truth I can only apologise for speeding lies lol

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Speedruns have always been a part of gaming - I don’t see why if someone wants to spend their time playing that way affects anyone else because you could do it yourself.

I guess it’s the same people that get mad when someone uses a weapon other than the Gnasher …


I run n gun bling firing enforcer on social, man the hate mail lol

This thread is outrageous and I’m appalled that anyone would think that I could sleep knowing that these speedruns are going on still. Where is the justice??? Where are the ISPs and why aren’t they cracking down on the people who ruin private horde runs for everyone?

I won’t stand for this. If the speedruns on Gears 4 aren’t fixed then I’m not buying Gears 5.


The only speedrunning I’m doing is away from gears5 if half this sh*t is present upon launch

I hate that I never have enough credits to buy gear packs and complete my collection of skins. I dream one day of bringing a beautiful girl home and spending the entirety of the evening in nipple clamps boasting furiously about my completed collection of GOW4 skins while she gawps in awe at it.

Rather than complain about the in-game economy and RNG I would rather everyone suffer like me. It’s a race to the bottom. I hate speedrunners more than I hate Nazism.*

*Representation of what a speedrun hater may think. :wink:


I play reactively.

If everyone or almost everyone is using Gnasher then I will just do the same.

If people are using Lancer’s then I much prefer to use the Enforcer.

I don’t get why people get mad - they choose not to use it!


this is all my friday nights

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This is me @work :blush:



I think you have all lost your minds!!!


Your starting to sound like my shrink

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I can’t be. I nevermind had a mind :crazy_face:
Maybe the same applies to him? Hmm