Yes, another Rant about "Quit Penalties" and how they affect those who follow rules

if TC can’t do proper bans without it effecting legit players they should to them at all. figure something else out because what you have now isn’t working correctly.

and turn off bans in the mean time while you figure it out. taking 6 months to sort out an issue with your game is a horrible way to do this too.

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I know they Are not a third party developers, third party developers answers more questions than them.
(dammit,was it to salty?:tired_face:)
U know what,forget it. First,They deleted my comments,and bullied me to shut up on" some subjects".
Instead of answering.
Its not that i cursed,bullied,namedropped employes of t.c,said very upsetting things,or said some racist crap.
Oh well,i had only good intensions with my
Previous comment.

I was a little little bit salty,on my feedback about Gamepass,and about last years multiplayer Maps scandal. And i said i forgave them for it,and hope they do us good by Not, overpromise something that is hard to keep. Like last year. Because i felt i got husled,last year.
Let me feel and to comment on that,Ok? And express it to my gearheads.
I want coalition some succes,and this is your second chance on the xbone to make ithappen.
Take all our constructive Lemons of comments,and make a good lemonade.
Some answers of you are aware of problems with your game,will also give u much respect.

Peace Out!


Wow penalties for quitting a half hour long but quitters deserve it even if your thinking about it or just suspicious you should be penalized just in case. It’s better to be safe then sorry.

I can agree. I have a -43 penalty and have had it for a month. I got it because I had the creating lobby glitch where it wouldn’t find a match. So I left because I wasn’t waiting 20 more minutes!

This upsets me as Gears is one of my most favourite games to play always has been. And they just ruined it for all players.

See, that’s a bunch of bs with TC blaming people’s connections. Let’s see, I have fastest ATT I can get in Indianapolis with a direct wired connection, and only 2 devices on the network, my phone and my xbox. And I’m sure it’s the same for many others.

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I’ve noticed this alot with our host we all finshed each game altogether and she gets 30 suspension everytime.

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Hi all,

We’ve been looking into the reports of disconnects and feedback around penalty applications for some time now.

Investigations can take time as we thoroughly assess potential causes and run tests. We’ll be sure to post any news as we get it. Thanks for your patience.


I really just want to vent because i was kicked from a game and got the incurred penalties. (lobby disbanded and somehow im punished?)

I received a 500 CR and 15,000 xp mark against me. Well fastforward about 4 games and ive made up the xp but for some reason i am constantly shorted CR. It keeps saying its taking like 37 CR from me each match. Even though ive leveled up and made like 4000 CR since the incident. You’d think id have paid my debt back but apparently not.

Iv’e put up with a lot of crap from this game, and i know a lot of you have too. I mean the sponging, the lag, the connection issues in general, I could go on forever, I put up with all of that because in the end i find the game fun and enjoyable but constantly being punished for liking, nay loving a game is becoming too much. I sincerely hope they can make Gears 5 great, I want it to be.


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How about you do that in your own studio?? That’s called doing your job for what you’ve be payed BY US! And do your investigations ALWAYS before it’s been applied in TU.

This is NOT BETA, we are payed users, clients who invested… get rid of suspensions completely while your investigations “take time”…


I totally agree with you.
This is not a beta, it’s a game that has cost money, and still costs money for those of us who have invested money in microtransactions to buy packs, characters, etc., so we deserve respect.
It’s appreciated that they keep bringing out content to try to keep it alive, but so many failures are hilarious and frustrating.
The game disconnects, closes, crashes, and this leads to unfair and absurd penalties.

Now the game has given me thousands of XP points and hundreds of credits, all this because the game was blocked and I had to restart it, where by the way I did not enter again to the match.

They fix one thing and break down 3… So this is too big for them and it’s just getting out of hand?


this happen to me yesturday was ban for 30 min didnt even find a match i didnt quit

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i said it before. if people are getting banned due to server issues that are out of our control then bans need to be removed while they find a proper fix.

this kind of thing is not tolerated in games like Overwatch so why is it it tolerated here?


How about you remove penalties until this is fixed? Player base that are not quitting will not forget this come gears 5…


I have the same problem than you

on the lobby dissolve issue

a proper solution would be to give penalties out to those who don’t finish the final round of a game. this would give people a chance to get back into the game after a connection issue and also not punish people who get a dissolved lobby at the start and can’t get back into a game that doesn’t exist.

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Hi there, This is been so badly, i have some problems with the penalties, is crazy, im playing and from nowhere the server boot me, (just kick me of the server, im still connected, and when i try to comeback it doesent let me, sometimes i have to try several time to rejoin and some other no, i have good connection), it only happens in gears, specially when i play king of the hill, escalation or sometimes when tdm or the others get on a extra round or take many time to ended,im not quitter, and i play gears very often and it is really annoying and sad that for no reason i have a penaltie, the last one is 3 hours wtf!!!You should quit penalties till u find and fix the problem.

Just got hit with a penalty. Our whole team got booted from the server and I am the only one with the 30 min penalty. Ridiculous. GT: psyspoon on Xboxone.