Yes, another Rant about "Quit Penalties" and how they affect those who follow rules

So, just as I have mentioned before, “quit penalties” only affect those that play the game. WHY for the love of everything holy do I, someone who has never quit, have to deal with a 30 minute quit penalty because of the way you developers code your game?

I do not get much time to play with my squad because of scheduling conflicts lately. My brother signs on right as I am placed into a King of the Hill pregame lobby. No big deal. Ill play the match and he can play one then we can join up afterwards. BUT WAIT!! someone quit. Cool, its going to boot the entire game back to the search lobby.

Now here I am, in the King of the Hill search lobby, I press B and back out. No warning that a game was found and that Ill get a penalty. My brother joins my team and here we go, lets play some 4 XP King of the Hill…


WHAT!? There was never a game found, I backed out of the search lobby and I get a 30 minute suspension. What happened to the 15 minute suspensions…forget that…WHY AM I BEING SUSPENDED!

Quit penalties ONLY affect those that follow the rules. If one mistake is made we get the hammer thrown down on us. The ones that always complete games get treated like garbage. Salty quitters, although they get the same penalty, do not care. They DO NOT CARE because they quit knowing they were going to be suspended and they do it anyway because they are probably going to go to Fortnite or COD or who knows what else.


TC has been very silent on this issue. The logic of TC just baffles me!


I just want to freaking play on my limited time, and now I have to wait and the developers don’t care.


I agree that lobby dissolution penalties are pure BS.

We find a game, then one of us is kicked, dissoled, so we back out to pull him back into the squad… yup, suspension for everyone…

When lobby dissolves you should be asked if you want to continue or go back to lobby…


Honestly from my own perception of things, this is not a main concern at the moment. It’s sad I haven’t played in a couple days cause I need to take a break time to time before I start ranting! I’ve got a very creative mind and kinda gave TC a piece of my mind one day! Honestly not even worth ranting. Constructive criticism is my new approach.

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This issue needs to be addressed, it’s amazing at this point in the life cycle of the game this is even a thing!!! Lol kids I tell you kids, For a MS developer I’m really dissapointed


I completely agree that being unintentionally disconnected from a game and then charged a penalty for it is completely unfair.

It unfortunately seems to be collateral damage in a war against quitters. In the last developer stream I asked about this issue in the chat feed but they did not respond to it. Granted, there was a flood of questions and they only had seconds to read them and choose what was significant, including sifting through all the “TC is garbage” comments. They may also have addressed this somewhere else, I don’t know.

Part of the problem may be that TC can’t differentiate an unintentional disconnect from someone just pulling the plug and so clumps them together to ensure quitters are held accountable even if in some cases innocent people are penalized.

Last stream they talked about stepping up consequences for quitters and I’m worried people who unintentionally disconnect will be negatively affected, especially as this happens to me from time to time.

I never even got suspended because if i got disconnected from a match i rejoined yet it still says i get - money

Went to play last night. We really excited. System searched for a match for 1 min then told me I was suspended for 30min, without having even seen a lobby the entire day.

The fact that this continues to plague this game but TC will not even touch the subject says everything one needs to know about The Coalition.


Yeah happened to me I never quit just finished a game and the lobby dissolve and my team to s suspended 15 and I’m party leader and get 45


Quit all you want

It means less lag machines to play against

I just got kicked for having to low ping i guess:o
Twice! right before a match starts in ranked?!
And when i rejoin,ofcourse the enemy team has an extreme head start. In koth 150 points ahead of us.
This crap can derank u easy,and let your team hanging isnt cool. Specially when its not your fault!
It says i quitted,but this crap game quitted for me.
Soo everytime i climb the greasy ladder in ranked,i get kicked of the match and deranked!??
Whats up gears??? Whats up?
Next time u have a “Whats up Gears” thread,what about answer for your mistakes. And give back percentages to people who unfairly gets deranked of things that arnt their fault. So people can take the ranked mode more seriously?
Because you are fast to fix when people complain about skins,and make a thread about it. Like if any one didnt get their skins,please,please contact us. But when its about other stuff u dont make threads to help those people

The other big part of this joke is that if you are disconnected from a game through no action of yourself… You cannot rejoin the game… But if you intentionally quit, the option to rejoin is available. Honestly… You’d have thought that TC haven’t got a brain cell between them. Have they not ever played any other games before working on gears 4? Im not suggesting that they just copy what ‘x’ game does… Although they have proven that they are more than willing to take the lazy as f*** option. But cmon… You like any other big company have board meetings where things are discussed, rejected and approved. So you are telling me that in the meeting(s) regarding penalties, this was the best you fools could come up with? Remedials


If the lobby dissolves and returns you back to search it still thinks you are in an active lobby, so when you go to back out it displays a message saying you can’t leave blah blah. Coding issue for sure

I just played social with a friend and STILL he lose credits and xp, Back to horde I guess :laughing:

Gears 5 is around the corner people, speak with your wallet. Preorder is a huge thing to gaming companies. Let them know they work for you not the other way around, the problem is nobody does anything with these issues, and until TC and other companies start seeing $$ lose they will continue to ignore.
Your right TC hasn’t once acknowledged this issue in the year is has been happening. I get suspended sometimes right before loading in a match, have made many post about providing information, dates, times, etc with zero response.
Gears is my favorite multiplayer, has been since the beginning and I hate the way this game has been managed. Simple issues that have been brought up time and time again but never a fix or acknowledgement unless it’s competitive esports things. Again this day and age everyone can be a media outlet, and if enough people get together changes will either be made or preorders and future purchases will be down. I hate saying that because I love the franchise.


If its the same old crap,then im afraid to break it to Coalition.
Gears 5 is going straight to gamepass , like bad movies go straight to dvd, so to speak.
And i bet my House that gears 5 is not going to have any good sales number.
If they do hustle us for maps,and such.

We fans have forgiven you for the missing maps. For gow4.
So dont trick us again,
If they do
only Microsoft will keep them alive,by hand feeding them. With some gamepass changemoney.
They can change this,by taken good time with gears 5,and do some good service to Loyal fans in gears 4.
Hire more netcoding people for Multiplayer and make it a real passion project,and it will be good.

Peace out☺

Edit:added some corrections

They keep blaming peoples internet connection…

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whats even worse about this is i’m almost positive that it affects your rank % gain if you get dropped i remember climbing after every match and after i was dropped a couple of times i wasn’t gaining any % and if that’s the case that’s extremely distasteful

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The game will go straight to gamepass, because all first party games get added on launch. Also (as indicated before) Microsoft owns TC. They aren’t a 3rd party whose existence is continually in the balance with no margin for error.

(I’m not trying to argue against your frustration, but your comment gives the impression that you’re not aware; just trying to inform).

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