Yep i’m done until this game is fixed

This game makes no sense, Good job losing another player. This game needs SEVERE work in the ranking system, I won multiple rounds and lost points and in those rounds I won MVP there is no point in playing if I don’t get rewarded properly . I won’t touch this game until its fixed.


Look who it is. It’s me!!! I too am done with this game. Going to go play cod for a while

Oh what a surprise but yea I’ve been on cod all day today and i’ve been liking it.

The leapfrogging hit me hard in guardian tonight. I hadn’t played it in a while (usually play TDM Diamond 3) and was silver 2, so I lost about 4>5 thousand points before I started gaining again.

I played well in all the games too. That doesn’t matter though. If you’ve been leapfrogged, you’re going to lose those points regardless.

Went down to bronze 3 and I think I got back into silver before I stopped playing for the night.

Unless you grind the hell out of a specific playlist (like 3>4 hours per night minimum), you’ll just keep getting constantly leapfrogged in silver.

Leapfrogging isn’t the only issue of course, but it’s the major reason people lose thousands of points in silver.

Bye then guys. Enjoy cod. Now one really cares if u stay or go.


I’m sure no one does and i’m also sure people are leaving for good reasons and simply that one reason is TC not listening to it’s fanbase. I’d rather spend my money some where else. As much as it hurts it’s sadly true.

I just can’t stand playing this in its current state

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There’s a lot of people with you on this one. I officially quit Gears 5 after De-Ranking from top 10% Silver 1 down to 80% Bronze during a 5 match span in which my team won every match and I had a KDR over 1.50.

Between that and server issues that penalized me for their servers dropping matches mid-game, I was done. Back to Gears 4, Rainbow 6 Siege and more polished games that are being released.