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Yeah this game gear5 is broken

Now after this recent update i think happened yesterday on 19th of sept. I get graphics errors now in my game and i use a nvidia 1080ti 10gb card. The game is overall bugged. The update solved none of my in game voice chat issues even though it upgraded a sound driver at the end…solved nothing so thanks for nothing on that with this incomplete game you released. Can’t wait until halo comes out. Hopefully things with be more in depth there or i will actually be able to communicate with other players. This game will just be a fling after all for me…i think i have a better time competitive playing overwatch again…atleast there i can communicate with my team…maybe ill come back in a year and ill experience a complete game.


This game is truly buggier than a mosquito orgy.

Never played overwatch but ok. See you in a year.