Yeah sure gears, take your time 😏

Sir. Restart it.

Find a team first.

U know dam well there are ways to find matches faster and you know it sir.

restarting the game adds more players to the game mode
Oh my who would’ve thought

Searched for a Quickplay match for 36 minutes in Australia and still couldn’t get a match.


Aren’t they backfilled with bots?

It may need a minimum amount of players to start.

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That’s interesting to know. TC probably needs to do away with a minimum at this point. Bots are more fun that no game.

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I literally can’t do my “Complete a FFA match” objective with their current setup.


If I’m on, hollar and come play US East.

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I appreciate that mate :slight_smile:

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Hate to say it but its because of the continent your in. My ping to Australia is 218. Tht it too high. Im on the east coast. N ping to Europe is 88, thts doable. Asia n Australia are just too high and are the only ones tht are too high. My ping is usually 15. I live less than 100 miles to the east coast server. Anyone with a ping tht is 100 n up will start messing everyones gameplay up.
I guess you would have to try n upgrade ur internet n make sure u are wired and maje sure all your tablets etc etc are offline. It will help.

None of your advice will help sadly. TC needs to have quickplay matches start with a minimum of one player. I not asking to connect to US servers and have a poor experience for everyone involved, I just want to be able to play social or co op versus AI on my home servers. Especially when given dailys that require it.

For reference I am wired and I don’t own any tablets. I also can’t get any more bandwidth as I am already paying for the highest my area can get.

Where are you located?


When playing Gears 4 the game would only search in my region for co op vs ai, and would create a match if one couldn’t be found on my server. This is much more preferable.

For quickplay I wouldn’t mind it starting a match with one human player and closing after a match or two if no other people join.

I THINK your best option is to try and start a grass roots on getting people to plays gears on ur continent. From my understanding. Gears is dead in asia and Australia.
And tht sucks. But ill be honest with you. I wouldn’t want to be in a lobby with you. My ping is 218 to Australia. All it would do is make it unplayable for everyone else.

Best bet is to try and do custom with friends tht are close… other than tht. I donno

Im not asking for you to be in a lobby with me, quite the opposite.

Doing custom doesnt give the daily rewards either, so that doesnt address the above issue.

It’s nice you are trying to help, but it doesn’t seem like you understand what I have been saying.