Yea darn that ugly set then

Nothing like entering classic Horde only needing 12 more waves to get it behind you… when you HATE horde… then the entire team leaves after Wave 4… nothing like suffering through the rest of that by yourself with dumb AIs that fumble around you instead of reviving… suffering through all that to finish it… only to get error code on match results, weapons not unlocked, still at “24/36” on that particular challenge… yea, darn those ugly skins I guess, I shouldn’t have to play EXTRA games of the worst mode ever in gaming (my opinion folks take no offense if it’s not yours) because of a junk broken game…

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Which difficulty did you play this on? They’re easiest to earn on Beginner.

I mean nobody should have to play a mode they don’t like. I think versus has no place in gears anymore thanks to mostly its community and partially T.C. so I just don’t touch it.

Should’ve just played it on beginner and knocked out easy tbh. I saw people just sitting there on those difficulties, never got touched.


Exactly like you just said… but I literally would be more entertained by watching paint dry than by killing bots (on any difficulty) in Horde.

It doesn’t have to be in one sitting. Id have just quit when things got rough and joined a new session.

I say this every time; grind event-medals A S A P. Every ■■■■■■■ time they glitch out after a few days.

But you’re not missing out on anything. The skins are terrible.

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It wasn’t rough… yea I died twice, but just twice… both times was cause of a scion and pouncer double teaming me, the. 3 of the AIs dropping next to me instead of reviving me.

Ironically neither of the 2 fails was the final wave… I just kept killing the DR 1s that was coming at me, while avoiding Kestel… stole their Savo/Tri, used it on the kestrel. Rinse and repeat

It’s more just an annoyance… I don’t wanna waste my free time playing EXTRA games of that which is boring AF to me, when I could be playing Guardian as usual.

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