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Y'all need to chill...Gears 5 is a really good game

Yeah having a shotgun that does one shot one kill and making power weapons useless that’s what we need. Lol

Spot on. Feels exactly like that. They don’t give a flying f about the gamers or a good experience. They just wanna milk this cow until it f ing bleeds.


Enjoy the game but hate the way they have made it a bit weird and comical.

Like at the end of games where they show the MVP character waving with a big banner flag behind them is just so out of touch. Things like this make Gears lose its identity.


Bold assumption.

Thats an understatement, and it “IS” not “was

Bungie? (Who broke free of Activision mind you) Ubisoft? Turned R6S from a crapfest into an amazing FPS.


Exactly. When people say give them time to iron out the game it shows how they miss the point sometimes. It’s reasons like that that have the games come out in the state they are in these days. We pay $60 for a complete product not some half cooked meal. Jumped on 4 last night and had a great time minus the laggy mexi rooms


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TC only have Gears… So yeah… they will support it…


Thank you. Amazes me that some people don’t see that.

The game is Great we just need more content and a working ranking system

You think I’ve only played a month of Gears 5? Lmao. What makes you think I’m not as big of a fan, or haven’t also been a fan since day one? This is the classic elitist response.

And my jaw is just fine buddy, lol.


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Why are you replying to a quote that isn’t even mine? Bungie only has Destiny (now) so your point?

I know TC will still have to support Gears 5, I was pointing to other GS who supported their game much better than how TC is handling things.

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My mistake! I was sure it will be under Link but since it was under your post, your name came with it! Sorry!
But yeah! There are others video games compagny that support their games

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It’s all good don’t worry. :blush:

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Just want to throw a fun fact. Tc also helped PUBG console version.



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Look, man. As someone who will admit that they have a huge bias for Gears as a franchise, I’ll speak from my own experience and say that this game is not the pinnacle of what Gears can/should be, as of yet. And that’s a problem, simply because we live in an age now where developers think it’s okay to try and sell a half-baked game for full price. Sure, sometime down the line it could and probably will have a ton of jammed in free content that would make it much more worth the price, but the idea of paying $60 for a game where modes and features are missing, customizations are limited, and everything else is behind a paywall is not right. We were offered the biggest Gears game yet, and instead we got something that CAN be considered the biggest Gears game yet. That difference is huge.

This is coming from a guy who’s favorite game is Gears: UE, probably the most bare bones Gears can get. I liked the game because not only is Gears 1 one of more favorites in the franchise, but because there wasn’t a lot to expect from something like a remaster. Even with the added customization items and characters, they sold the game for $40, if I recall correctly.

You see what I mean? The versatility of a game and its features is what can definitely sell a game, but promising that ahead of time or putting the majority of great customization features in an in-game store instead of giving it at launch, which is arguably when the popularity of a game is at its highest is scummy.

I’ve had friends who stood with the franchise from the original all the way up to last game, and stopped playing because it just simply didn’t meet their expectations. Can’t fault them for that.

I just play Gears 5 because I think all Gears games are fun. I tend to find the enjoyment wherever it is, I at least try very hard. But everyone’s criticism for the game is not wrong.

EDIT: I’ll shill for the enjoyment factor, every single time. But I refuse to support even the more reasonable paywall practices. I’d like to make that clear.


This game will be good only if: they fix servers (at least for europe because i think servers in Europe are nonexistent) and ranking system(NOT WORTH OF PLAYING FOR ME AT THIS POINT), they delete camping maps, get rid of flashbangs, give us more normal maps, horde like gow3, more characters, more normal prizes for the characters, more weapon skins for normal prizes, nerf lancer and gnasher (stupidly strong), etc.

Criticism is fine, and for the most part it’s all valid. I’ve criticized Gears over the years including Gears 5 which is no different. However when criticism is the ONLY thing being relayed, that’s where it gets too much. Gears 5 has issues, but as you said, it’s still fun. Gears 5 has plenty to offer even in its current state. The issue is the feedback has been leaning in one extreme. It’s not balanced. I’m sorry but I’ve been gaming for 30 years and Gears 5 is simply not as bad or “broken” as some make it seem here.

It’s even worse when TC is actively responding to feedback and making improvements. If they weren’t, aka an Anthem situation, that’d be a completely different situation.