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Y'all need to chill...Gears 5 is a really good game

So a game can’t be really good but also have issues and receive criticism? LOL. Breath of the Wild is widely regarded as one of the best games of all time, but it gets its share of criticism. Are those people hypocrites too? Haha. You can praise a game and also be critical of it too. I know, mind blowing!

Also I did not contradict myself. I clearly emphasized “AT ITS CORE” and acknowledged the game has issues that need to be ironed out in order for it to reach its full potential.

Do you know what berate means? That’s a little extreme lol.

Contructive negative feedback? Lol there’s nothing constructive about this forum.

Don’t mind me. I’m just here to steal your meme.


Have you ever played Blast Corps?

You’re like the buildings in it.


My Gamerscore is 61587, gonna keep saying I haven’t played many games in my life? Look just because Fallout: New Vegas was in a worse state than this game when it launched, doesn’t excuse the fact that this game IS indeed horrible and partially broken, now go on back to daddy Fergusson, his Rod is waiting for you.


It can, and that is my point, your thread is deterring people from giving negative feedback if they’re not you because you’re simply trying to berate others for posting negative comments you don’t agree with.

If there’s nothing constructive about this forum, why are you posting a thread trying to get people to behave how you would like? There are plenty of constructive posts, you’re too anecdotal and subjective.

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So we get 1 month of endless complaints and hundreds of negative threads, but a handful of generally positive threads (that still openly acknowledge the criticisms), are somehow seen as deterrents, berating others, and forceful behavior.

Double standards at its finest!!

You seriously can’t make this stuff up. Amazing :rofl:

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You sure laugh a lot. Why do you “lol” so much? Almost every post you make has an “lol” somewhere in the first 3 sentences. Do you find people who disagree with you funny? Or are you not actually laughing, you just think it proves some point?

But back to your “stats”, or lack there of… I’m gonna go ahead and call BS on you having stat charts and blah blah blah. Everything you said sounds like such BS. That awesome argument of, “I have evidence, you just can’t see it”… stats exist for a reason. And they track. Whether it’s private lobbies or ranked lobbies or quick play, they all track stats. The fact that you went and said you jot everything down in “detailed stat sheets”… wow. Guy… you’re trying way too hard for someone who actually has something to say that needs to be said.

Enjoy your laughing out loud. When all the game pass kids $2 accounts expire in a couple weeks, I hope you enjoy playing with the other 13 people that like this game as much as you do.

You’re not a die hard fan. You’re not in it for the long haul. You’re not an OG player or a vet. You’re just another random that is going to be playing something else in a couple weeks. And I’m going to be watching your account and can’t wait to take those screen shots. Later kid.


You’re literally telling people to “chill out” just because most of the comments are negative. Everyone has the right to complain, just because you like the game doesn’t mean others have to. Your thread is both negative and positive, but you’re just switching between the two when it suits you, as you’re inconsistent and self-aggrandising.



I like the game but doesn’t mean the game is good. And It makes worse if you notice the real issues, specially game crashing randomly in a middle of a match, horde, campaign or whatever. And is worse when The Coalition and Microsoft doesn’t care on fix It.

Lol. I can’t wait.

But we all know what will really happen. I will keep playing Gears with my friends as I have for the last 13 years, you will be wrong, and you will act like this conversation never existed, then disappear into nothingness, like all internet trolls.

Btw there’s no need to wait, if you really stalked my stats you’d see I have nearly 900 hrs logged for Gears 4. But yeah, clearly just another random that just sticks around for a few weeks!!

Anyway, looking forward to it! Please do keep me posted!! Oh and, lol!


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Aww, touched a nerve?

Trust me, if you hit a nerve you definitely would’ve felt my wrath :joy: @GhostofDelta2 would have to take down my post. I’m just stating the facts pumpkin’.

And before you think I hate New Vegas, I’ll just leave you with this pic.


The biggest travesty in this thread is that font your phone uses. *points at 20% and 9:42pm.


I think you’re forgetting that this is the 7th game iteration in the Gears franchise, with over 13 Years of feedback, with a dedicated studio, owned by Microsoft with access to unlimited resources.

We expect a high standard after all this time. TC did not deliver.

There is an obvious disconnect between TC and their fanbase.


Man I loved UE! My favorite for sure!

Regardless of mtx ect …this AAA game was released no better than the beta !! It doesnt function as it should…basically they should have pushed the release back …and actually had something ready to play when released…thats fact!!

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I like to charge it when it’s at 5% :wink::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Am I an animal or monster? : D

I thought you openly admitted to being a vampire?

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This looks suspiciously like another bait thread that you have to close