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Y'all need to chill...Gears 5 is a really good game

How much iron did they give you to make this post :rofl:

Just because we criticize something, that doesn’t mean we hate it or want it to fail.

It’s the polar opposite. We want it fixed because we love gears.

Posts like this making out we’re overreacting is actually harmful to the games future.

People need to stop bootlicking and give criticism where criticism is due. Gears 5 is due a lot of criticism, and for good reason.


So you guys can criticize this game and even go as far as making claims of bribery, but someone can’t genuinely like a game and hope for it to get better?

Lol, the double standards are amazing.


No one is saying that you can’t think the game is good.

But you saying that we’re all overreacting and that we’re wrong for saying the game is bad in its current state is ridiculous


I believe it’s the way the OP as worded/written what they have said, which people find is ridiculous.

Some of it is utter nonsense and lacking common sense.

If someone likes it, they like it. However what they have written along with it, is just plain dumb.


We like the FRANCHISE not the game, Big difference, People felt the same way about Judgement which is why it was a colossal failure. TC had three other old gears games to take formula pieces from (I do not count Judgement) and they had a prequel in Gears of War 4 that was out for 3 years! Are you telling me that we should defend this garbage game that they put out…3 years of feedback from the community and Gears 5 in its current state is the best that they could come up with??? Come on man. Stop being a YES man all your life,

TC gambled on new players flocking to this game and it looks like they lost. In doing so they tossed their established community to the side. Gears is a niche game. Always has and always will be. If people aren’t into gears of war by now, they will NEVER be into it.


Just want to reiterate that anyone that’s on the forums wants nothing but the best for this game. And most people on these forums are die hards who’ve been there from the beginning. A lot of frustration is from the fact that a lot of people enjoyed 4 at the end and could’ve been an easy copy and paste and build off of that.

It’s not hard to tell that they really tried to dilute it to make it easier to pick up and be good. Literally EVERY gears title has tried to do this and every time it’s failed because it’s something that makes gears, gears instead of your generic FPS CoD experience. 13 years the same thing, that’s why it’s frustrating

But let’s be 100% honest here, they sold us an unfinished game, bugs, glitches, server issues and store prices aside, just look at the content between maps and characters…already gotten bored of the maps.

The game is going to get better and I whole heartedly believe that but why wait its really unnecessary for what was essentially an easy lay up and shouldn’t take months to sort out. Don’t want to get to lengthy because I already made a post about this.


That’s just it we wouldn’t be in here ■■■■■■■■ if we didn’t want it to get better. They took 4 from the ■■■■ show it was in the beginning to a great MP experience. Then they ruin everything by making 5 what it is right now. I play on PC I like my high fps gears 4 froze my PC for 2 years and the gears 5 beta did the same and here I am wanting to play still. The game is a trashcan ATM. You like it that’s great but don’t call out people about being true fans. You can be a fan without eating this BS TC is feeding us.


I’m going to go ahead and disagree with most of what you say. Not because it’s necessarily wrong… because wrong in this case is subjective and not objective. But there has to be a line.

Why does something need to be all on an extreme level, such as comparing Gears 5 to Mass Effect or Fallout 76 bad. Why do you have to hit a comparable extreme before you can say something is objectively bad or broken? You shouldn’t have to.

Also, why are you trying to set this standard? Do you not remember when games shipped whole and functioning? That did and does currently happen. Gears 5 is not a live service game. Just because they require an internet connection to do something as simple as playing the campaign, does not make this a live service game. No matter how hard they push the idea. It’s a run of the mill box TPS. Period. This standard of ship now, fix later is NOT ok. It should be a killshot to a developer. If a game launches DOA… well, you had your chance. On to the next. TC should be trying to set a standard. Rising above the competition. Striving to provide a game on launch day that they know is up to par with what should be launched. If you expect me to believe for 1 single second that TC didn’t know about MOST of the issues this game had before they flipped the servers on, I will call BS. They knew. But they launched anyway. Because people like you just keep giving them free passes.

This is their 3rd game. If they can’t get it right by now… why are you still allowing them to sell you garbage?

I don’t know about you, but if I made a mistake at work, my boss would probably correct it and walk away. The 2nd time, I would be written up. If I made the same mistake 3 times in a row, I’m hitting an unemployment line because I just got walked out.

Nobody wants Gears to fail. But whether we want it or not, it is. And it’s not our fault. It’s not because we complain. It’s not because we say nasty things. It’s not because we’re “toxic” or “entitled” or “crybabies”.

It’s because TC released the worst installment of this franchise, period. And that statement is backed up by comparing every other Gears game and every metric known to the video game community side by side. Gears 5 was probably the most expensive to make, and will have the absolute worst RoI.


They listen to their fans so much that they left the distracting omen in the game after every single player complained about it for 2 tech tests.


Lol I was gonna respond to this in a respectful manner, but why should I when you say that? You absolutely are calling people out posting nonsense like that.

If you like the game then great! No one is telling you that aren’t allowed to like this game just like you don’t get to decide who the real fans are. Here is a line that i’m sure nobody has ever said on these forums “I’ve been playing since Gears 1.” I don’t particularly like this iteration of MP. I am open to them making fixes and changes, but until they get it to where I think it’s fun then I won’t play it.

Also, I think it’s important for people who are dissatisfied with the game to voice it, even though I do admit some people go way overboard.



It was not my aim to offend or disrespect anyone. Maybe I could have worded that statement better, but my point is if people are giving up on the game that quickly, then they were never in it for the long haul. That is my point.

Also to respond to others, I dont support broken or unfunished games, nor do I ever want that to be the standard. But I dont see Gears 5 as either. Flawed? Sure. Broken and unfinished? No. There are plenty of examples of broken and unfinished games out there. To say that of Gears 5 is an exaggeration.

You want people to respect your opinions, then it needs to go both ways. There is good and bad, not just bad.

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I respect that you like it but saying the game is not broken is just nonsense. EU servers are a joke mp hit detection is a joke. The bullet magnetism don’t get me started. Weapons far to strong for enjoyable gameplay, so bad that people don’t want to leave cover anymore… The list goes on for MP. Now single player looks great but is also riddled with bugs. People can’t open doors or achievements or lost progress. Mp and sp make up most of gears 5. Both are disgustingly flawed. No one would be wasting there time voicing their opinions if they had truly given up on the franchise. If this game was good right now steam reviews and Xbox reviews would reflect that. You can like it but me I want my game working.


Well put my man. I 100% agree

EU servers haven’t worked properly in over a month.
XP issues have existed since launch.
Disconnects still are a thing.
Bullets curve in MP. Really?
Sponging. Hard.
Super high pings.
You can be facing away from people and shoot them.
Torque bow shots don’t register at all.

As far as unfinished.
The game launched with a couple maps.
It launched with just a handful of characters.
Map builder tiles are sparse.
Skill cards are lacking.
Weapon skins are lacking.

And that’s just what I feel like typing in 30 seconds. There are WAY more comprehensive lists out there if you take 5 seconds of your own time to look. And they’re all legitimate issues.

The game is both broken and unfinished. And you absolutely are defending it and standing by a developer that feels obliged to sell you broken and unfinished products because you will hold their hand and pat them on the back for their effort and give them a participation trophy.

And as far as your comment about the long haul… guy, I have nearly every piece of collectible you could possibly own that’s Gears related. My entire game room is Gears. I have custom vinyls on my truck and my motorcycle. Thousands upon thousands of hours and dollars invested in this franchise. You’d be hard pressed to find many people who have invested more than I have in this franchise. And I fall into the category of people who have given up, not on Gears, but on TC being able to deliver a solid, complete and functioning Gears experience. Trust me, no one is offended by you saying that people walking away now aren’t true fans. We’re all laughing at how ridiculous your statement was. We’ve been crushing this franchise for 13 years now. That is the long haul. The month you have on Gears 5… I can’t help but laugh. You don’t walk into a martial arts studio and call all the black belts big P’s. That’s how you get a loose jaw my guy.


Blah blah blah. The game’s so awesome that i pre ordered it, and already uninstalled it and am looking into getting refunded.



How can someone like something as broken as this game. Smh


Well said…Personally I’m really enjoying this game and I’m sure TC will try to fix some of its issues and seem to be listening to feedback. I’m having more fun than I had with Gears 4, this is my favorite Gears game thus far.

Thing is, every big Xbox game has tons of complaints at launch, Forza Horizon 4 had a huge amount of complaints on the forums when it launched despite the critical acclaim and many people loving it, and they improved it a lot. I’m kind of used to all this complaining to be honest(although I think some people exaggerate on certain things), it would be unusual if Gears 5 launched and everyone was happy on the boards, that’s just not how things are these days. Hopefully the people affected the most(such as Ping times in Europe) get their issues fixed soon. Cheers.

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Absolutely spot on!!! Is the game that bad, or are people just not as good as they think they are?

People are complaining about all sorts of garbage, bullet magnetism, flash bang, store content (what difference does the store actually make to game play :man_shrugging:t2:) next door neighbours dog barking at 3am. Do you guys not understand that every player has to face bullet magnetism, flash bangs etc, not just certain people.

I was having a go because of the ping as it was nearly impossible to shoot someone, now that it’s fixed, the game is amazing and I’m finishing in the top two more often that not.

The game is amazing. Stop moaning and just enjoy the game :sunglasses:


Another bias in denial fan…

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