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Y'all need to chill...Gears 5 is a really good game

Listen, I’m not new to criticizing games, I’ve done my fair share of it throughout the years, especially with Gears, but some of the stuff I’ve been seeing with this game is really just getting out of hand.

I mean, seriously, do you guy WANT Gears 5 to fail? Do you NOT want a new Gears game to play? Like seriously, what exactly is it that you want. Because let me tell you this, if Gears 5 all of a sudden disappeared, the same people whining about the game would be whining that there is no new Gears and they’d do anything to get it back.

I’m not saying the game doesn’t have issues. Obviously it DOES. It has quite a few. The store items are overpriced, Tour of Duty needs better rewards, the game was a little light on launch content in terms of characters and maps, auto aiming is aggressive, and flashbangs were a problem. But all of this WILL be addressed or improved on with time. Why you guys are acting like this is not the case is just weird. TC is a lot of things, but they absolutely do not ignore their games. Gears 4 was supported all the way up to Gears 5. Literally. 3 years. You rarely see that these days, but that’s what they did. Whether you liked Gears 4 or not, you can’t deny that.

Gears is not Call of Duty. All you veterans should know that. We are not getting a new one for a long time. This is our new Gears for at least the next 2-3 years. So all of you saying you are done after playing Gears 5 for 10 minutes, or a week, or a month, y’all are not real fans to begin with. Give TC time to iron the game out. 1 month is nothing when you consider the legs this game will have. If you wanna leave after such a short amount of time, then you weren’t in it for the long haul to begin with. Gears 5 will improve, just like Gears 4 did. We are already got some pretty significant changes with the flashbangs/smokes, and there’s more to come in the next title update, and more to come after that.

We should be providing good feedback and enouraging TC to make good changes…not the crap I’m seeing. I’ve literally seen threats. Like, seriously? These are people too and I’m sure they love Gears just as much as us if not more. It’s amazing to me that TC even puts up with it and are as responsive as they are on social media.

Now with all that being said. Yes, we are the consumers, and yes we deserve to have a good experience because we paid our hard earned money. But let’s not act foolish and act like we have some sort of broken/unsupported game. There are plenty of examples like that, Gears 5 is not one of them. It has issues, but there’s plenty that DOES work fine, plenty to praise, and plenty of modes to play and enjoy. I’ve seen some hilarious comments like “worst Gears ever”, “worse than Judgement”…seriously?! LOL. Give me a break. Gears 5 is the best looking and best playing Gears AT ITS CORE, fundamentally speaking. Once these issues get ironed out, it will be one of the best overall Gears IMO. No Gears was perfect at launch, they all had their share of issues that got ironed out with time. There’s plenty of positives with this new Gears if you want to see it, but of course if all you want to see are negatives, that’s all you’ll ever see.

Listen I’m not trying to call anyone out, all I’m saying is…I love Gears. I want this to be the best Gears, and I wanna keep playing Gears. Gears 5 is a major leap for the franchise in many ways, it’s not a carbon copy yearly game as we see with other franchises. There are new modes, new mechanics, new maps, a new progression system, new store, etc. Give it some time to settle in. The mid October title update will add some much needed new content and fixes. Believe me, I agree TC came out light, but it will beef up in time. Not to mention the content is free.

Anyway, I’m sure I’ll get hate and ridicule for this post since being negative is all the rage these days, but I truly believe that if we come together as a community and give TC a chance, they will make this the best Gears to date. They are not perfect, but they are passionate. I have yet to see anything from them that tells me otherwise, dating back to Gears 4.

Hope you all got something out of this post, and I hope you gave a good night.





Is it too much for a game to be good straight out of the box?
These guys haven’t learned anything from Gears 4. They deserve every bit of criticism coming their way.


You’re defending a game that has literally taken the series backwards.

Not just with it’s mechanics, but with the content, the glitches/problems and the disgusting store.

2006 Gears did a better job than one that has come out in 2019. Where it should be slick as ■■■■, brimmed with content and working without a tonne of glitches/problems.




It has a 52% score on Steam and 3.5 stars in the Xbox store. Clearly it’s not just a few forum members who are upset.

A lot of us are just urging TC to fix it because we love Gears and want a good Gears game to play.


They’ll fix it if you buy some iron.


This game is broken…literally broken…


I mean decent? Sure. Good? Hmm ok I’ll listen. Great? Nah.


I have well over 1000 hours played since the og gears and you say I’m not a real fan because I quit gears 5 within a few weeks? Gears OF WAR is the only mp I like and can play day after day because there’s no game like it and the competition. But now it’s a pussified hollow shell of the gears I loved.

2nd. You talk about how TC will eventually fix the problems but let’s be real for a sec. After all the updates and changes they made for gears 4 this is the best they could do? Taking the game backwards and taking away as much skill gap as they can because it’s too hard for new players? It’s like they learned absolutely nothing from gears 4 and using the same excuse as before.

Oh by the way how much iron they give you for this thread? Or was it an emote?


LMAO got emmmm. Had to be iron that he was given…I am certain of it.

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I don’t think you’ve ever played a broken game my friend.


Yea he has…Gears 5.


TLDR. Games not good mate. Was launched crappily. Still plays crappily. Had a beta that did nothing. Had a whole prequel to learn from and didn’t.


How much iron did they give you to make this post :rofl:

Just because we criticize something, that doesn’t mean we hate it or want it to fail.

It’s the polar opposite. We want it fixed because we love gears.

Posts like this making out we’re overreacting is actually harmful to the games future.

People need to stop bootlicking and give criticism where criticism is due. Gears 5 is due a lot of criticism, and for good reason.


So you guys can criticize this game and even go as far as making claims of bribery, but someone can’t genuinely like a game and hope for it to get better?

Lol, the double standards are amazing.


No one is saying that you can’t think the game is good.

But you saying that we’re all overreacting and that we’re wrong for saying the game is bad in its current state is ridiculous


I believe it’s the way the OP as worded/written what they have said, which people find is ridiculous.

Some of it is utter nonsense and lacking common sense.

If someone likes it, they like it. However what they have written along with it, is just plain dumb.


We like the FRANCHISE not the game, Big difference, People felt the same way about Judgement which is why it was a colossal failure. TC had three other old gears games to take formula pieces from (I do not count Judgement) and they had a prequel in Gears of War 4 that was out for 3 years! Are you telling me that we should defend this garbage game that they put out…3 years of feedback from the community and Gears 5 in its current state is the best that they could come up with??? Come on man. Stop being a YES man all your life,

TC gambled on new players flocking to this game and it looks like they lost. In doing so they tossed their established community to the side. Gears is a niche game. Always has and always will be. If people aren’t into gears of war by now, they will NEVER be into it.


Just want to reiterate that anyone that’s on the forums wants nothing but the best for this game. And most people on these forums are die hards who’ve been there from the beginning. A lot of frustration is from the fact that a lot of people enjoyed 4 at the end and could’ve been an easy copy and paste and build off of that.

It’s not hard to tell that they really tried to dilute it to make it easier to pick up and be good. Literally EVERY gears title has tried to do this and every time it’s failed because it’s something that makes gears, gears instead of your generic FPS CoD experience. 13 years the same thing, that’s why it’s frustrating

But let’s be 100% honest here, they sold us an unfinished game, bugs, glitches, server issues and store prices aside, just look at the content between maps and characters…already gotten bored of the maps.

The game is going to get better and I whole heartedly believe that but why wait its really unnecessary for what was essentially an easy lay up and shouldn’t take months to sort out. Don’t want to get to lengthy because I already made a post about this.