Yโ€™all still playing this?....๐Ÿ‘€

**Just seeing whoโ€™s still straining themselves with this garbage :joy::joy::joy::pouting_man:t5:

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I am!

Been fighting the ranking system all week. You donโ€™t fight players in this game, you fight the ranking system.

Nothing gives me more joy than to get MVP and lose a ton of points due to the bizarre ranking system.

That being said, I finally got out of silver today after a ridiculous clutch in a 1v5 situation. It felt amazing to finally get out of the silver prison.

This game can be really enjoyable at times, and extremely infuriating at others.

Suffice to say, I enjoy the enjoyable times the most :rofl:

Not for a week now. Might see whatโ€™s happening later, might not.


Closing non constructive thread.

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