-XPs not registering ... AGAIN-

I know there has been like … what , like 5 threads looking exatly the same as this , but I have no other way to fix this than to literally spam it into your face.

My precious-good looking-way overly grinded-beloved- COG Gear is not getting the challenge XPs as it’s supposed to do.
These screenshots has been taken thorought several hours.
Oh , and it didn’t also give a single XP from Escape rewards.

I really hope you get your stuff fixed ASAP because if you keep letting people down like that , playerbase will decrease absurdly fast. Faster that it already has.

Maybe I’m confused and I’m missing something but the only “double XP” event I’m aware of is the one for Horde Characters, meaning you won’t get more XP for totem progression nor reups, just horde character lv.

EDIT: my bad, the screens show no xp gain at all, nothing to do with double xp event. Likely a server hiccup since something always goes wrong on weekends.

Dear TC …
Could you please fix my stuff or at very least give me a sign of life?
I mean just try to get in my shoes , what should I play for if the game simply won’t registrate my challenge XPs?
How am I suppose to grind stuff?