XP system messed up. I level up once from 10k xp in game

In arcade mode on social I will do well and rack up 60 eliminations and only get like 2k xp when the score board says 10k. What gives?

The score in game isnt the xp u get for a match.

Xp in gears 5 is atrocious in the way u earn it.

Xp is gained by how long u play the game, thats why 99% of the high reups are ppl that play horde/escape as the difficulty u play on multiples the xp gained.

So if u play 1 match for 20 minutes and get 2000 xp u could play 4 matches for 5 minutes per match and u would get 2000xp, this may change slightly depending on how many ribbons u get for the unbelievably low xp bonus i have ever seen, in fact ill goes as far and say its PISSPOOR

Ribbons play a big part in gaining increased xp from master horde/escape where as versus xp gaind is a complete JOKE.

Still its good that u lvl up 1 time from 1 match, i cant remember what thats like.

Hopefully THE COALITION learn from these mistakes and improve it for gears 6.


Wow I never knew that. Not sure what the point is then! Thank you for the great response!

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The xp in gears needs to be buffed especially PvP. You basically need to have boost and even then it’s nothing special.

I agree. It’s incredible. I have friends that have over 150k kills (insanity) and they’re only re up 16. Imagine only being like 7% of the way to max level after 150k kills