XP Ransom again?

It’s a legal crime.

Pay us money or you will level up slower .

It’s legal extortion people. They are holding your XP hostage for money.

This is a crime. Why is this being allowed to happen?

Call your lawyers. call the police. This should not be allowed in any area of society.

So your saying I wont get any xp without buying boost???

I’m saying you will be forced to level up at a slower pace unless you cough up the cash.

It’s extortion. By definition. This is an illegal practice.

Why do you need to level up so quickly?? the game just came out. Also how do you know it’s so slow??

You seem to be missing my point completely.

They are committing a crime that is for some reason allowed to take place in the game industry.

Just because it’s part of a video game shouldn’t make it legal .

What crime are the committing ?? Because its definitely not extortion.

Did TC force you to buy anything???

Did TC threaten you???

It isn’t a crime,

TC also have barely locked anything behind an exp wall regardless. Most content unlocks from the tour of duty and just for playing the game.

Feel free to voice your opinion, but be constructive and factual please.

Closing thread.