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Xp not worth it,


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Thats a real great story and all! Your desperate for attention aren’t you? Let it go!


I was just reading up on some of the earlier messages of your guy’s argument, and didn’t really know who was winning as I didn’t read them all, but seeing what you just posed (the guy having his friends like his post, then bragging about it) is pretty sad to be honest. I wouldn’t even be able to ask my friends to do that. For 1. I don’t have any friends :sob: 2. Makes you look like a pile of manure. I see people’s points though.

It does make sense. Imagine someone walking in on you, and seeing you all fired up, and telling them I’m arguing with this ■■■■■■, and they ask what for? And you respond with “I’M ARGUING ABOUT THE RANKING SYSTEM IN GEARS 4!”… you instantly look like a goofball. Nut, I do see the other point, of why do people that main this game (2-3+ hours a day; re-up 10+) get little to nothing for leveling up? I’m re-up 10, and was struggling to level up with the 6.66x XP event! So I can only imagine what people in wings feel like. And to add to that, Deuteronomy said he/she they had 4K hours, and not even being max level. There’s someone with 169D (4,056H) played, and is only re-up 20, level 31… So, it is just a LITTLE ridiculous to not be max level with that much play time. There should be some sort of benefit to it, something like every wing re-up you get 25K credits, and a 2-3x XP boost for 1-24H just to make it easier.

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no one cares how big your e-penises are based on your rank

(TheDeuterostome) #88

He was upset that I told 2 friends of mine to read this stupid one sided argument. Lol. He is just mad because someone wouldn’t conform to his way of thinking and wasted his evening to argue with me. It’s laughable!

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This thread has ran it’s course, and has gone way off course. Please, remember to follow the guidelines of this forum.

Thank you.

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