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Xp not worth it,


(ZombieLady66) #21

Thats where I am now…Tony and your right .needle dont mive at all😔

(l Ar Ci l) #22

But you all wanted Re-Ups like COD lmao! Now that you have it you all complain haha I remember when people used to say they wanted re-ups like call of duty and although the xp is not good for most of the time well we got what we wanted so stop crying about it. And some people want 5 more wings lmao

(BraveHearts GG) #23

Totally agree, I know TC had their f***ups and whatnot but they can’t win with this crowd (not this thread only, in general) because whatever they do it’s always another thing to complain over and moan about, no one says everyone has to hit the highest re-up anyways so what’s the problem :man_shrugging:


I honestly do not remember people asking for re-ups as in Wings 1-10. Me personally though, do not care about them anymore. There was a time I wanted Wings 5 but gave up on that even though I know I could’ve had it months ago with the XP they were giving out.

(CarlosYabrudy) #25

I played about 30 games of monster mash. Was cool that way and short and I like the reward at the end of a game. That’s a decent touch and promotes not leaving.
I played some games and found:

  • some people left at wave 21-22!!
  • every omen skin but lancer …grrrr
  • I upped 1 level at Wings 10.
  • on insane it felt more like inconceivable with the damage
  • heavy is necessary for a Last stand card to be level 6 to be able to survive out in the open on normal til the end with the 85% reduction in damage and the Berserker card for damage to go up to just over 200% at low health in combo with launcher damage and capacity and marked damage to be the best heavy. I mainly heavied it out.

(Circa Darkrage) #26

People didn’t want Wings. People wanted a solution to the credit problem. When you got to Re-up 10, there were no credits from levelling up. Given at this point speedruns had not yet evolved, the credit payouts for modes were bad, and the credits needed for packs were larger, people had a fair point.

The solution given by TC was Wings and credit payouts every level at Wings. In theory it doesn’t fix the problem, because people will still reach the end, but at that point, you’ll have nearly every card in the game, so it doesn’t matter. I don’t remember anyone wanting Wings 6-10. They just wanted a solution to the problem.

(oTRaV GuNNeRo) #27

You might wanna start. It took a year to go through wings 1-5 for me with just playing normal games. Im wings 6 lvl79 and im at a total of about 34 million xp

(TheDeuterostome) #28

I won’t do speed runs. If others do it, that’s fine. I will hit wing 5 at least and I am fine with that.


Sweet Baby Jesus, that’s a lot of Gears playin’.

(oTRaV GuNNeRo) #30

Yeah they do get boring but unless you can play 5 horde matches a day you might make it to wings 10 lol.

(ilttle robot) #31

Dedicated or not we want to get to the end, the dedicated will still play on i suppose…

(guzzler96) #32

I would agree 100% that it is not worth the trouble to try to get any Wings level at regular XP points. When it takes millions of points between WIngs there needs to be some incentive to keep doing it. Especially with COD4, Red Dead 2 and others to play. Even 2XP is a struggle.


Coalition put themselves in a bad situation by adding a big as of an event as 6.66X XP (as you can see by just this post alone), and then taking it away. People were getting insane XP from start to finish of that event, and now that it ended, and they see how much they are ACTUALLY getting, it’s not looking good lol. I 100% agree with what everyone is saying; MAKE A PERMANENT XP EVENT! At least 3x or more. Yea; If you add it there’s not going to be anything to the updates to come, but it will just make this games last 1-2 years more enjoyable.

(TheDeuterostome) #34

If they addd wings good rap a skins for the rest of the ranks. That would give me a little more incentive to keep grinding for xp.

(Fragmented Wolf) #35

I personally agree. The XP you gain in the higher ranks is a joke. Dare I say I should be max rank, or close to max rank after 1000 hours?.. I don’t think that’s unreasonable… The only justification I can see from the dev side is them wanting to increase the temptation to buy packs with real money as you don’t have enough credits… but I can tell you as re-up 11, that’s not really a thing. I have over 350k credits and have every character or skin I could ever want…

(Slipping Flames) #37

I think there is something to be said for the feeling you get when you level up. It’s a gamer thing that doesn’t matter in the real world, I get that. But the feeling of progression in some form is a psychological motivator. Yes, TC has added levels. Yes, some would complain about hitting a max level. Still, the average gamer won’t ever hit the current max level. Leveling up provides quicker credits which allows more people to collect content and not feel left out of the skin game.

(l Ar Ci l) #38

Still don’t understand why people get upset just because it’s almost impossible to hit that 10th wing playing normally.
It’s supposed to be hard just like the Diamond Rank, till this day player are not satisfied with nothing.
It’s good to complain but saying xp is not enough sounds to me like you crying
because you can’t go pass a wing level, I know it’s just ridiculous the amount of xp need it when you get to wing 3 and so on but again the implementation of the “wings” is because many wanted it and many still want 5 more levels haha but this are the people that know SR and well is not cheating to me it is lol the good thing TC are not gonna add more Wings lol, if you wanna re-up faster well there’s SR, anyone can do it so to say I can’t re-up because of this because of that it’s not true “you can” but decided not to. SR is the solution to your problems, I’ve done that but it’s to repetitive and it gets boring but the reward for doing it is good. So again, there’s not reason to say we need xp or we don’t have enough as it is… I enjoy playing the game regardless of credits or xp, if there’s an event with xp good if not well it’s been 2 years so why still complaining about it. There’s a reason why TC doesn’t give much XP its because they want people to comeback to grind and spend hours doing so . It’s understandable many get frustrated with not enough xp or credits but again “SR” is the solution. In conclusion anyone that wants that 10th wing need to go and do some SRs lol not need for xp events or anything like it.

(Fragmented Wolf) #39

I’m pretty sure everyone who’s as high as we are -obviously- plays because they like the game. The question, “Does the current progression rate feel good” I mean isn’t that the point of a progression system? To feel accomplished? I think most would agree, no, it doesn’t feel good and is far too slow.

(Fragmented Wolf) #41

And I think you have the reasoning for the implementation wrong. I don’t think they are solely there to be a credit fix. As I said, I’m sitting on nearly 400k of the stuff. If you can direct me to a post showing where TC stated this was the reasoning, I’ll stand corrected, but I think it’s mainly there to make high ranked players feel accomplished, and I’d argue it’s counter-productive and pisses more people off compared to the number of players that like the current match to XP rate.

(l Ar Ci l) #42

But the solution since the beginning was SR, whether you do it or not is there to max your credits if that’s what you want. There’s not point after 2 years to say not enough xp not enough credits at least that is my opinion. I have done like 6 SRs max 7 but it’s not my cup of tea, I have 225k credits just by playing regular horde games . I’ve seeing how crazy the credits for a SR are but it’s boring to me. So again the problem with credits and xp is simple anyone that have some problems with not enough credits or xp well you all can go and do some SRs for I single SR can give you almost 5k credits in matter of 1 hour and the xp with the bounty on can give you more than 200k xp lol actually I don’t know how much xp but the point is it’s a lot