Xp not worth it,

Now that 66.6 is over its really hard to keep playing for xp, the needle hardly moves when your on wings 3 … there’s got to be a better reward for slogging it out for hour’s at a time… 6 x 6 you gotta keep it on now… i couldn’t justify sitting 3 hours for maybe one level…


It’s definitely time for some permanent xp boost.


There will def be more xp events. Possibly end of this month and def for the 12 days of Christmas thing they had last year, sure it’ll be a repeat this year. Wait until you hit Wings 4+, it will look like it doesn’t move at all in the later stages of wings 4


Ha ha he he , i thought i was at rock bottom… you mean it gets worse, utube and Netflix for me,

Its a nightmare when somebody is on wings 5+ at level 80 or higher. At least make 2XP permantly.

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I agree re xp. It looks as though we are not getting any new characters (maybe a couple of variations at best), so I do not see the need to nerf the rate at which you collect credit, which low xp obviously does, by the very fact you do not get the new level bonus.
I do not play Horde at all now, just KOTH so I don’t get the massive xp bounties that Horde players get, so it is “even slower”
I’m around 100’000 credits and have been up to 150’000. and I would think compared to a lot of us on here that is not a lot.
…Saying that the XP in Gears 2 and UE is still very low, so maybe they will leave

Wings 4 is a nightmare without xp boost


Oh is that why I’m not gaining any EXP anymore? I literally thought my game was glitched.

I agree… with my wings 4 level 71 , XP seem ridiculous. It’s slow, very slow, very very boring !

Very bad trip.


Permanent double XP at least.


I think it’s time for you all to speedrun.

I can’t be bothered with it.
I played one monster mash in about a month.
That was when the 6.66 started and got the error code straight after.
Everytime they do a xp event there’s a problem on there end which means we can’t play.
I just hit wings 3.so unless there’s a decent permanent xp boost I can’t see me coming back till gow 5 ( as long as it’s got horde)

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Not going to happen anytime soon. Though they’ll do it probably when Gears 4 reaches end of life.

I swear theres no pleasing people.

They added more wings for getting credits for levelling up and I think they could only do it this way because of how the system has been designed. If they made levelling up wings easy, people would still complain that they finished quickly and no more way to reset to get the credit levelling again


I don’t do speed runs

Whilst I agree that there needs to be some sort of XP boost permanently (2x XP at the most), and I agree that the needle moves very slowly at Wings, the Wings are only meant for the super dedicated anyway.

If everyone got to Wings 10, there would be little satisfaction in getting there. I know when I see someone with Wings 5 or above that we have someone who has dedicated a lot of time on the game.

do not add more wings-----continuing to give credits after wings 10 could be done by checking your total xp count. as an example, they could give x credits for every time you earned 500,000 more xp. they could also prorate the xp bonus events based on the wings level you are on. as an example, wings 1 and below might be 2x, wings 2 3x, wings 3 4x, wings 4 5x , wings 5 and above 6x. an easy change would be to increase the xp bonus for season pass holders


TC could have gone another way - simply repeat the system you have gone through already. But they didn’t. IMO with Wings they designed the death of their own game with a view to get most GOW4 players to migrate to GOW5. Timing of this can’t be pinpoint but as you can see above it is a definitely putting people off already.

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To be fair, by the time you get to Wings 10, you probably will have acquired all of the main custom skins (the craftable ones including launch series, and series’ 2 and 3) and have a couple of million in credits.

I’m level 98 Wings 8 and have maxed all of my Horde skills, got all of the launch and series 2 and 3 skins, and am sitting on almost 2,6million credits. I’ve got the majority of the non-craftable skins from the featured gear packs too.

I suppose with RNG, some people might get shafted though…

Anyway, I’ve basically got little to go for nowadays when it comes to custom skins, at least until some of the older gear packs are re-released - I think I’m only missing some of the weapons from the Weapon Collector sets, and probably a few of the original Gearsmas 2016 packs.


This ^^^

I just re-up #4 and already see such duplication of gear. The operation packs I got were all but one duplicate skins. Still need 7 more of the skill cards spread out over the 5 roles. Too much credit needed for event packs too. 2000 should guarantee a character. If they didn’t have the extra xp, never would make this far. Looking forward to the next 2 mos with the various events. After that not sure how much I will be playing.