Xp events for the future?!

Can’t help but think there’s been a missed opportunity for XP events coming up for things like thanksgiving or Xbox 15th anniversary. I was thinking they’d be something like this but it gives me no hope going forward if they will even be any more /:

I thought the same thing, why I grinded so hard during the last XP Halloween event. Not sure how many more we’ll see.

The 15th Anniversary was a major let down, that much is clear. I wouldn’t give up all hope though, there’s a high chance an XP Event will return for Christmas. Most likely Jingle Juvies. Let’s hope it includes CXP this time though.

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I thought they would be at least some plans for December but seems like nothing so far

Well I’m pretty sure we get at least a jingle juvies with xp

Considering the drop in players and new games releasing you’d think the TC would implement more XP events tbh at every opportunity

Nearing Christmas, it’s looking like there is either going to be a small event or none at all. Even last Christmas had a two week CXP and XP event for two weeks(dec22-jan4). They have the audacity to update the store with ■■■■■■ items yet can’t even start up a single XP event. I feel gears is know for its events and outlandish game modes. It’s hard to not insult TC for the TERRIBLE support they have provided us

I would apreciate a Christmas Event for sure. Especially Class XP, its a good ocasion to up those classes that you really don’t enjoy playing in a reasonable ammount of time.

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Think we would have heard by now if there was going to be one. Feels purely like the game is done at this point. So many broken achievements also.


What a huge disappointment not having a special event for Christmas, well, there is still 2 days to hope before D-day but they use to communicate prior to event…
What a fastidious task to up 25 classes without getting a CXP boost.
I think Gears 6 will come in 3 or 4 years so their ‘boosting plan’ is extended in comparison to what we used to get in the previous Gears games. That’s what should explain why we don’t have ‘that many’ special events

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Feels like no one is actually monitoring anything anymore. When we had a community manager it was a lot different. Around Christmas I usually look forward to the XP events. Now it just feels empty… :flushed: