Xp events for the future?!

Can’t help but think there’s been a missed opportunity for XP events coming up for things like thanksgiving or Xbox 15th anniversary. I was thinking they’d be something like this but it gives me no hope going forward if they will even be any more /:

I thought the same thing, why I grinded so hard during the last XP Halloween event. Not sure how many more we’ll see.

The 15th Anniversary was a major let down, that much is clear. I wouldn’t give up all hope though, there’s a high chance an XP Event will return for Christmas. Most likely Jingle Juvies. Let’s hope it includes CXP this time though.

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I thought they would be at least some plans for December but seems like nothing so far

Well I’m pretty sure we get at least a jingle juvies with xp

Considering the drop in players and new games releasing you’d think the TC would implement more XP events tbh at every opportunity