XP Events Any Time Soon?

Any idea when we are getting xp events? Seems weird not having them, would really help the player base surely…


No XP events anymore, we got Boost for that which TC wants you to buy.

500 scrap for 14 days xp boost isn’t bad at all, mind you I had lots of earned scrap saved up.

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That’s new for me, I thought you could only buy Boost with Iron.

Boost is only sold for Iron. You must have gotten Scrap muddled up with Iron? You wouldn’t be the first! I accidentally used Iron on re-rolling daily objectives when the game first came out. :smiley:


I recently passed similar feedback up the chain.

TC fixed the ally achievements because it was too much of a grind, then added a ton of grindy achievements, including one based on overall exp despite not having an exp event since OP2 and having requirements that aren’t possible under regular play


I wouldn’t mind seeing a permanent 2x or 4x exp gain without boost.


The only time TC really does any bonus XP events is during holidays. Typically you’ll get 2 days of boost. But if my memory serves correctly, you have to play during that time period to capitalize on it.

They used to give you boost on the weekends then you’d end up without it for the rest of the week unless a holiday or they mistakenly misplaced or took something, otherwise boost is the least of my worries since i am legend 6 rank on the tour

There was a double horde character XP event I remember.

That needs to comeback.

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I can’t recall a horde “event” since then.

Either the numbers show TC that the game is healthy and doesn’t require intervention through events at this time, or TC is lazy and can’t seem to understand that “events” bring a lot of people back, if only for a while.

Just did a Surge Run and noticed it is 200% Boost right now :thinking:


I just got free weekend boost too

Lol, yes, I typed scrap when I meant iron. I rarely use my iron so I had lots saved up for “buying” the XP boost,

With that boost live and the free boost I got when I logged in a little while ago, I’m getting a 200% XP boost if true,

Clever that tc do it on a free weekend of Xbox live and access to Gears 5

Meaning all weekend warriors having a little taster session, see how quick they can level up and then buy in thinking - 30 re-ups, pfft I’ll be done by Monday .

As an aside expect noooooooobs!!!

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