XP BOOST working no more

Few days ago the boost has stopped working. I had 66 days xp boost but I receive double XP no more. Why did we have to pay this money to the Coalition if this service no longer works ?. I wrote an email to support 1 week abo, but nothing has changed since then. Why does Coalition stuff always have so many problems? Why do they never correct the mistakes they cause ? It is a shame and, of course, a scam.

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There are countless topics on this issue. Use the search function before you make a topic.

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Main thread for the issue.

Post there so it gets bumped.

Well except the seach function on this forum is close to useless heh

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Took longer to copy paste these than to find them.


Nah its obviously not an issue. Those people are obviously mistaken lol.

Op go to master thread and read the first post. ghost has put all the info you need there