XP Boost Should Only Run When the game is being played

I wish the xp boost wouldn’t run if Im not playing the game. I wish it only run when I play the game. I have to go to work and I never have a month where I am going to be able to play the game none stop and it is running right now. . . Why? You are not going to tell me there is no way to stop the count on that boost. If it wasn’t real money I wouldn’t care but it is. This is bs imo.

Most games that have a similar system to the boost in Gears5 function the same way, so personally it doesn’t bother me. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love it if it only ran while I played, but that 30day boost I got from the bundle would probably last me a year lol, which wouldn’t be good for business.

Plus, there’s the question of pricing. I’ve no doubt in my mind that if they were to follow your suggestion, the price of the boost would rise tenfold.

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that’s why I said if it’s purchased with your own real money should not run if you are not playing. If you won the boost on supply should run all the time. I’m at work sitting there thinking man. . . . that xp boost is just running none stop what a waste lol.