XP boost have stop working for horde

Hi all,

I had 45 days remaining xp boost but yesterday and today I have only received 1x XP instead of double. Playing “advanced” daily horde has usually reward me with 5000 class xp, but yesterday and today I only earned half of it (~2500). I bought the 15 day boost thinking that I might “reset” the problem, but the problem still persist! I tried playing beginner with the now 60 day boost, but I still get 1000 cxp instead of the usual 2000.

I am Legend 50 if that has anything to do with the glitch. I have sent a ticket to Coalition but no answer so far. Has anyone experience this glitch before and found a solution? My boost (money) is going to waste.


Same problem, just getting boost stars, but no boost xp or cxp. No fix, just have to wait on TC, I’ll be bumping that other thread periodically as a paid for item like this has to work.

Wow, your experience is even worse than mine. How long have you been waiting for TC’s response?

Yeah same for me the past 2 days, star boost but no xp or cxp