Xp being counted weirdly/Boss Rush

Has anyone noticed losing XP during boss rush?

For example. I’ll complete a wave and my xp will be 50,000. Then I’ll complete the next wave but starting out it will only be 48,000 then it’ll add my earned XP.

I only started noticing it because I had just reup’d and you know the first few 35ish levels come pretty quickly but it’s taking me quite some time because I keep losing XP each time I complete a rush wave.

Any one else notice this? Doesn’t matter if it’s normal or on Insane either.

It may be a display glitch, similar to what happens at waves 10 and 20 on the 25 wave modes. (Only new xp is from 6-10 and 16-20, but you get shown all that you earned during the respective 10 waves).

Def not a display glitch. I earned level 30 three different times last night. Lol

It’s very noticeable when your gaining levels easily where I’ve just re upped.

Perhaps I misunderstood you, but the display glitch (on 25 wave modes) occurs on the awarded xp. The meter moves like you got that much xp, but in reality you didn’t; so, when the next award screen appears, it begins at your actual xp progress, rather than what you last saw.

If you are close enough to your next level it will even include the level up notification. With boss wave showing you an award after every wave, there’s the possibility of it happening multiple times (if it’s the same type of visual glitch).

Exactly that.

It’s like the XP seems good until I actually starting paying attention to the counter. Every completed wave I was losing 2500ish or so.

So yea actual levels gained a lot of them twice.

Side note - my wife thought I was weird because I had my phone laying out with its calculator app open so that I could quickly type in my current XP lol so I could remember it after the next wave.

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1 wave 50k XP on boss rush how?

I was using those numbers for example and also those are total XP numbers.

Example - my total XP would be 50k then I’d earn 4K in a wave. Then I’d complete the next wave and earn around 4K again but my total XP would only be 56k so somehow I lost around 2k XP in the wave but gain 4K.

I only noticed it because I had just re up’d so I earned a lot of levels 2 or 3 times due to lossing XP I think I earned rank 5 - 3 different waves lol.