XP been feeling slower than roddie

Has anyone else felt the same about XP lately? I’ve been grinding for the baird hero and it’s been fun finishing the challenges. It’s at-least very different to. “250 HORDE 18 ESCAPE KILL (SPECIFIC THING)” I swear, gaining XP has gotten ever SLOWER and I feel that it’s just TC pushing to sell boost


Im presuming you dont have boost. Without it, it does seem to take longer to get xp

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Yup, it seems like TC is just jumping on the band wagon for solution selling. Create a problem (Xp in this case) then sell the solution.

I did 20 waves of Insane Horde last night, with three games of Guardian and I’ve managed to go from level 1 to 3. Lol. The Xp bar for Jermad’s totem barely moved.


I don’t have the money to buy boost so I usually rely on double xp weekends, but it’s feels so slow

Even with boost its slow

It’s incredibly slow, and unbalanced. In one good multiplayer match you can get 1,000-2,000 XP WITH boost. Seems pretty good until you realize the total amount of XP needed to get from level 1 to re-up 20(there are 50 re-ups by the way) is 7,550,000.

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These dirtbags want you to either fork over cash for a boost or fork over cash for buying the character, and punish you for trying anything else.

If you don’t like it, someone in these forums will probably tell you to ■■■■ off lol.

Good luck out there, my guy. We all need it. :sob: