XP and Boost Live Now!

"Time to get the Gearsmas grind in with Double MP and Class XP plus free Boost!

Running from today through to January 4."

The hotfix went live and this should be working now.


Huh, we actually got some sort of twitter-tracker now. Neato.

if 4XP, shouldn’t the result be 400%?
… I only get 300% …

You get 100% and then boost says +300%, which is 4x.


%300 increase is 4x.

%100 is double, %200 is 3x.


When’s the class xp gonna be fixed? Not once have I had any extra in general and the daily horde/escape reward aren’t working either

Hope we get backdated cos I’ve missed out on a ton

5k in Escape or Horde?

So where’s the issue? They stealth-nerfed CXP with OP5 and every 2act hive is now 2,5k CXP with boost. So 5k with 4x.

Horde mode at launch was horrible, but operation 5 has course corrected the mode.

No mode characters locked to classes, no more fabricator restrictions for anyone.

You want five of the same character with the same class ? Done

It is like GOW 4 now where you pick whatever character and whatever class, and no more of only certain characters can build.

Horde is also most times 20 rounds max with others being wave 12 or 13 being the last one.

It is currently 4 times xp so if your looking to level up your classes now is the time.