XP "adjusted" why?

Well I was running a lot of master runs with a lot of rolls and I see that the maximum amount of XP was adjusted I usually won 20k or 23k per master run with randoms but now I only get 15k even is my dance or performance is the best… So this was made in order to obligate us to grind and grind xp?? I know that if I play with team will be extra xp but no ever I can play with them

If they lowered the exp gain then the only reason I can think of is they want you to play the game for longer. The sooner you max out a character the sooner you’ll play a different game.

Perhaps with the new adjustments to cards and enemies health and such u r completing them faster.

Are you sure you know how XP works? The description in the OP seems to tell me that you don’t. Just like how some people believe Score Boost increases XP.

If you got 30+ Ribbons minimum on Wave 1-50 Horde, you should be getting around 40,000~ XP, give or take. With Boost, of course.

The amount of ribbons you obtain also has an influence on how much XP is gained in a match. Don’t insult others simply because they left a piece of information out or forgot about it.

Time spent is also true as well. Ribbons are the main factor anyway. In my example, I hadn’t included that the 1-50 would be around 2-3 hours for 40,000~ XP. If someone Speed Run 1-50 on Incon in an hour, it would probably be less than 40,000 XP.

The insult was unnecessary.

I no about ribbons give more xp on the higher the difficulty, i wasnt implying that the op is stupid. Just ppl in general. Im reup 32 lvl 81 so i no how to obtain xp quite fast.

Thx tho👍

Oh, right. I suppose it is true some people aren’t the brightest(not directed at OP either). but TC’s systems are known to be unintuitive or not well explained.

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In the OP’s example, I believe they were playing Master Wave 1-50 in 2-3 hour and regularly earned 20-23k XP. So they were wondering why they got 15k XP. They probably didn’t complete in an hour or something. So the main reason must have been difference in Ribbons. I didn’t think time spent was important to mention.

No they already reduce the amount of XP even in the ribbons is just 3k extra y don’t play with allies in those days and the maximum amount of XP is 18k (pure xp no taking boost) when in the previous OP was 20k minimum

The XP Amounts are lower these days because the Horde Matches are Faster due to less Leeches spawned and 20% nerfed Health on Everything.

Plain and Simple

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U get about 6000k xp per hour in horde and escape for simply just being there, u dont even need to move.

Thats why i suggested to the op that perhaps due to lvl 6 cards and other updates that have changed things slightly they may of completed it faster therefore earning less xp