XO18 Gears 5 update/ information

Hi fellow Gears
So we are only a week away from XO18 in Mexico on November 10/11th.

I would think it highly likely we will get some new info and hopefully a new trailer.

Hopefully the main announcement will not be the mobile game, this didn’t go down to well for Blizzard :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
As interested as I am about everything Gears, I want to know how 5 is shapping up. Mind you some news on Tactics would also be welcome.

Anyway what do you guys think/want. Be realistic, we are probably 10 months away from any release date.

Locusts Forever


I am hoping for anything gears 5 related. Just something to feed that beast. I would like to see more gameplay. If they were to show anything it will probably be some more story. I don’t expect anything versus or horde related for a few more months.


Hopefully they will confirm the JD and Marcus side of the campaign

I am curious myself if they are going to break away from kait and del for part of it.

Honestly, i dont think we will have any news on Gears 5 until 2019 at the earlist. Instead the focus will be on Gears Tactics and Pop probably since its likely to get released earlier than Gears 5.

I MOST CERTAINLY hope they do…at least 60-40 if not 50-50

I am pretty sure if they do it will be kait 80%

Great…another halo 5 only this time we have an unhinged character rather than a lesser version of the original…

Hopefully not

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How is it a repeat of Halo 5?!

I sure hope you guy keep the Dropshot in the game. It’s the BEST weapon to date. I know just about everyone I play with would like to see it remain. I really don’t see how you could build something better .


Halo 5 had 80% Osiris team campaign and 20 Blue team

If gears 5 is 80% Kait and 20% jd and Marcus then we are in the same position as halo 5

Many games do this with different splits. Doesn’t mean it’s halo 5! It really depends on how the story unfolds.

I was specifically speaking about the split and the fact that the more annoying/disliked character gets the lion’s share


I don’t think she is that bad of a character. I personally like her better than jd in 4.

Good for you

I found her whiny, annoying and irrational in 4 and even more so in the trailer for 5

So, my hope is that either the split is 50 50 OR that by the end she turns into queen Mirrah 2.0 and I get to put a bullet in her head in 6


Like Locke she gets written out…but that would be less satisfying

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Jd does seem more developed in 5. She is a little whiny but these are people who haven’t seen what the older cast has. Life seems different now. I hope the development of all the characters is better than 4. As for her attitude in 5, she has personal mental health issues that need to be resolved. She is a liability until it’s hashed out and finding out about her heritage and diving into the locust history some more has me excited.

Right…I have a solution for her mental health situation… it’s several grams of lead in the brain delivered by a handgun

Also, ever wonder WHY JD seems less developed in gears 5 so far? You think that it us just a coincidence?

I think he has more of a gears feel in 5 so far than 4. I personally think Reyna had more of a gears personality than all the other new characters.

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It would definitely help flesh out their relationship and provide some much needed background.

I would certainly be surprised if we had no news at all on Gears 5. I understand there my be a bias re Tactics and Pop information, but to have no Gears 5 news seems unthinkable, no matter how small.