Xbox version control sensitivity is garbage

In gears 5 xbox version the control sensitivity only allows up to 30 and from my experience i wanna say its equivalent to like a 5 out of 10 for games such as halo.
This is a serious issue because mouse has no real lock allowing instant 180 turns as where control turns absurdly slow beyond a normal game. Even with max settings the sensitivity is way to low creating unbalanced gameplay when VS mouse and keyboard players.
Allow for higher sensitivity settings to the xbox controller! It just seems like now your only catering to pc needs and neglecting xbox.
This is just making the xbox players extra bad vs pc

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Believe me, mouse control is a piece of crap, too.
I’ll explain: the movements and spins have some delay and some inertia so you never feel that you have total control of the character.

In fact I was convinced that this game was very optimized for Xbox (much more than Gears 4), but with your comment now I see that the disaster is for both sides.

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I really wish they gave more advanced options between exponential or linear curves too, not just an aim acceleration slider.

I definitely agree about xbox sensitivity being too slow mines maxed and it feels way slower than in 4 and 3