Xbox updating in middle of match!

Good morning Gears
Just curious to if you get this happen. Playing ranked Control (could have been any game in sure) just now and screen goes blank then comes back on with Your Xbox needs an update, you have the option to accept and it obviously starts updating or you choose no and “remain off line” either way you are not able to do anything.

this is about the third time over the last year this has happened and it is always when I’m on Gears.
Totally frustrating as I will now get a ban and it appears I have quit the match, when I didn’t.

EDIT, no ban at least, just started searching with no penalty

I believe you can turn off auto updates in settings somewhere, I think this is what I did. Now I just get a message saying update available, which I choose when to do.

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Welcome to the wonders of Microsoft software engineering.

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