XBOX : unplayable (lag) since July update

Hi everyone,

I have a huge issue since the last update. My ping didn’t change, only when I am entering the game, but once into the game it is just unplayable !

A lot of lag, just believe me I am teleporting myself everywhere. This happened also in horde.

What do I have to do ? Play another game until a new update ?

I would appreciate a response from The Coalition because at the time being the game is useless for me…and it’s the weekend…



This also happens to me but not so extreme.
For example, my ping depends on the server can be 30 or 60 but never reaches 70, because from this update and the previous my ping sometimes hits a ping 90,100 or even 300 and returns to 30 or 60, It’s very strange

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For me the ping is OK during the match but I can not play it, too much lag and teleportations. I am very frustrated because before the update everything was fine…


But is it rare to have a stable ping and have lag / teleports because the ping is not the cause of that?
Surely it is something of servers that are more saturated or something like that

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Go to your Xbox settings network settings advanced settings open alternate ma c address and clear i hope this helps you if not you can chat with

I’ve had low 25-50 ping and still rubber band/teleport or have shots not register…trust me it’s not just ur ping that’s causing iaaues


I really don’t know. I live in Ivory Coast so I am in EUROPE server (130 ping) and until this update it was OK…even so I did not have the best experience, overall I could enjoy and play.

Now since the update the ping is the same but it is unplayable.

Here a picture of the icon :

There is an icon on the right bottom corner with 4 small squares (3 white and 1 black or the contrary). They weren’t there before this update.